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Visit our natural wellness spa for massages, facials, holistic specialties, nature treks, yoga, fitness programs, and more. 

Naturespa Safety Update

Naturespa is currently closed. We are in the process of finalizing our operational safety protocols and look forward to inviting you back to Naturespa soon. Check back here for updates. 

Holistic Spa Specialties
Bring your body back to balance with this aromatherapy treatment complimented with rhythmic lympthatic massage.
Skin Care
Pure and natural botanicals reveal true radiance through botanical facials and peels.
Body Care
Body polishes, herbal wraps, and more.
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We look forward to your visit with us and if you have any questions, or wish to make changes to your reservation, please do not hesitate to contact us: (802) 464-6606

Mount Snow Spa

Ayurvedic Complementing Therapies

Restore health and vitality with ancient beauty rituals that harmonize body, mind, senses, and the soul.

Pittas: are self-confident, assertive, perceptive, stubborn, orderly, romantic, angry, hot and firey.
Kaphas: are diligent, compassionate, affectionate, relaxed, melancholy, possessive, slow-starting, steady and sturdy, graceful, harmonious, soft and cool.
Vatas: are artistic, scattered, innovative, excitable, angular, forgetful, spontaneous, quirky, child-like, dry and cold.

Vata: healing herbal wrap of anise, licorice, cinnamon, and ashwaganda restores vitality and luster followed by restorative massage sandalwood, cinnamon, sweet orange, and sesame oil massage

Pitta: healing herbal wrap of chamomile, ginger, coriander, lavender, and ashwaganda followed by a restorative massage of rose, jasmine, lavender, and sweet almond oil

Kapha: healing herbal wrap of rose, licorice, lavender, and coriander followed by a restorative massage of sandalwood, sage, jasmine, and sunflower oil

80 minutes $225

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Inner Beauty Ayurvedic Spa Treatments

Service Description Rate
Sva Yoga one-on-one private yoga therapy session~wear loose comfortable clothing $225 / 80 minutes
Relaxology therapeutic essential oils and acupressure encourages health and deep relaxation. $135 / 50 minutes
Rebalancing Energy Massage a luxurious aromatherapy massage complimented with ancient healing art of energy therapy to inspire deep relaxation, erasing accumulated stress while activating innate healing systems to know a true state of wellbeing $185 / 75 minutes
Guided Meditation Massage learn how to meditate effortlessly as nurturing hands massage you into a relaxed state as a narrator lulls you into accepting new trails of affirming thoughts. $135 / 50 mins

Body Care Services

Body Care Description Rates
Maple Sugar Body Polish Vermont maple sugar naturally exfoliates while infusing nutrients to revive skin $225 / 80 minute with massage
Enchanted Body Ritual Spiced granita body polish and hot stones beautify the skin and invites deep relaxation $225 / 80 minutes
Mountain Herbal Wrap Cocoon of holistic herbs in fresh aloe base naturally detoxifies $225 / 80 minute with massage
Nourishing Botanical Wrap Cocoon in a luxurious moisturizing crème of calendula, rose, lavender, & bergamot oils $225 / 80 minute with massage
Midnight Honey Body Buzz Honey dust body scrub & warm midnight honey oil cocoon $225 / 80 minutes
Heaven on Earth Experience pure peace as deep breathes of wild lavender relaxes you to a state of dreamlike calm. french white clay and wild lavender body polish, pure lavender milk massage $225 / 80 minutes
Light-hearted The flowering buds of the orange tree are filled with nature’s own anti-depressant, as well as being the world’s most precious skin rejuvenator. sweet sugar body polish, nourishing neroli massage and wrap. $225 / 80 minutes
Radiant Glow Rejuvenation Melt away years with this highly effective head to toe skin renewal treatment. glycolic body treatment, enhancement facial, and nourishing body butter massage. $495 / 110mins


Skin Care Services

Facial Benefits Rates
Naturespa Signature Facial suspends the effects of time & inspires a blissful state of well-being 75 minutes $225
Botanical Facial revitalizing secrets and deep relaxation restore a healthy glow 50 minutes $140
Refreshing Mini Facial simple cleanse, exfoliation, & moisturizing massage 25 minutes $80
Seasonal Facial pure radiance revealed with purest key notes of the season 50 minutes $140
Gentleman’s Facial alpine preparations & relaxing massages refresh skin & soul 50 minutes $140
Rebalancing Facial concentrated formulas clear impurities, exfoliate, & soothe skin 50 minutes $140
Farmaesthetics Organic Facial pure and natural botanicals reveal true radiance. true geranium cleanser, sweet milk and lavender bud exfoliant, rose, clay and mint mask, lavender milk moisture massage 50 minutes $140
Reveal Peel natural resurfacing procedure ~do not use any active or manual skin exfoliation one week prior 25 minutes $125
Natural Beauty seasonal botanical body polish, seasonal facial, and nourishing body butter massage 110 minutes $295
Natural Mother nourishing body butter massage, organic facial, and hebal hair treat 80 minutes $250
Radiant Glow Rejuvenation melt away years with this highly effective head to toe skin renewal treatment. glycolic body treatment, enhancement facial, and nourishing body butter massage 110 mins $495
Enhancements revitalizing eye contour, rejuvalift, sugar lip polish, brow wax, lip wax, chin wax, hand renewal add $15 to any facial
  gentle peel, enzyme treatment, makeup application add $25 to any facial

Spa Retreats

Spa Retreat Services Rate
Mountain Retreat

maple sugar body polish
relaxation massage
nourishing botanical wrap
head, neck, & shoulders treatment

3 hours $395
Wellness Retreat

herbal wrap
relaxology hand & foot massage
holistic massage
acupressure facial massage
head, neck, & shoulders treatment

3 hours $395
Sorely Needed Retreat

herbal wrap
hot stone massage
heat seeker wrap
head, neck, & shoulders treatment

3 hours $395
Mother Nature

maple sugar body polish
maternity massage
nourishing botanical wrap
head, neck, & shoulder treatment
rosemary scalp & hair treat

3 hours $395


Trust that our specialized therapists will lull you into a deep relaxation.

Mount Snow Spa

Massage Services

Massage Description Rates
Relaxation Massage Gentle, soothing massage using delicately infused lavender oil to ease tension and inspire relaxation. $125 / 50 minutes or $165 / 75 minutes
Sorely Kneaded Massage Thoroughly knead out muscle tension with sweet birch and arnica massage oil. $145 / 50 minutes or $185 / 75 minutes
Heat Seeker Massage Deep rub using oils of lavender, ginger, eucalyptus, & rosemary cocooned in a heated wrap. $185 / 75 minutes
Hot Rock Massage Indigenous river rocks heated with evergreen essential oils encourage bone deep relaxation. $185 / 75 minutes
Holistic Massage Bring your body back to balance with this aromatherapy treatment that heals on many levels. $185 / 75 minutes
Relaxology A relaxing massage including therapeutic essential oils and acupressure to the head, neck, feet, and hands to enhance health. $135 / 50 minutes
Maternity Massage Pure, natural, & nurturing botanical massage. $135 / 50 minutes 
$175 / 75 minutes
Mount Snow Athletic Massage Therapeutic work to encourage recovery and improve structural imbalances. ~20 minute hot tub prior strongly recommended~ $155 / 50 minutes or $195 / 75 minutes
Couples Massage Enjoy massage side-by-side with your special someone. Swedish Massage - $270 / 50 minutes or $350 / 75 minutes
Deep Massage - $310 / 50 minutes or $390 / 75 minutes
Head, Neck, and Shoulder Treatment Essential oils & music massage away tension for your dreamlike relaxation. $75 / 25 minutes
Vigorous Back Rub Thoroughly work muscles with relaxing essential oils that release accumulated stress. $75 / 25 minutes
Defying Gravity Lighten your load after a day of skiing, biking, or hiking with special attention to tired legs & feet. $75 / 25 minutes
Rocking Massage Rivers rocks heated with evergreen essential oils encourage deep tissue rejuvenation accompanied by a concept album. Choose to listen to Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Nora Jones, and more... $145 / 50 minutes
$185 / 75 minutes

Guided Treks

Our naturalist takes you into nature's embrace allowing serenity to reset your rhythms to the pulse of life.

Mount Snow Hiking

Mountain Air Meandering

Snowshoe Tours
Guided Hikes
Spa Day Summit Spa Day
Guided snowshoe tour - $45 per person / 1-1.5 hrs Woodland hike - $45 per person / 1-1.5 hrs (2pm daily) Woodland hike, lunch, & 50 minute relaxation massage - $180 Summit hike, lunch, scenic chairlift ride, and 50 minute sorely kneaded massage - $225
Guided snowshoe tour & relaxation massage - $165 per person Wilderness fitness hike - $55 / 1 hr (advance reservation required)    
Guided snowshoe tour & sorely kneaded massage - $185 per person Scenic chairlift ride & summit hike - $30 / 2 hrs (advance reservation required)    
  Ask about our hiking and massage specials!    

Naturespa FAQ's

  • Please check in at the Naturespa service desk at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Health considerations: please inform us of any medical conditions or special needs prior to your treatment.

We are unable to schedule or cancel spa appointments via email due to the high volume of emails received and the delay in our email system. We also must take your payment at the time of booking. Please call us if you would like to schedule or cancel an appointment. For all other questions/inquiries you may contact us via email.

  • Cancellations received 48 hours in advance of arrival will be refunded less a 10% cancellation fee.
  • Missing an appointment, rescheduling an appointment, or cancelling an appointment within 48 hours of scheduled appointment time will forfeit the entire amount of service (including gratuity).

  • As a courtesy to all guests, please turn off or silence cell phones and pagers before entering the spa.
  • All services are paid in full at the time of booking including a 20% gratuity.
  • Appointments cannot be extended due to late arrival.
  • Add $50 to all in-room massage fees.
We do not have a private locker room. Spa guests go directly to their spa treatment room. However, you are welcome to use the health club/pool locker room if you will be taking advantage of that facility. Robes may be signed out upon request.