Somerset Cam

The Somerset Cam overlooks the iconic steeps of Mount Snow’s North Face, Somerset Reservoir and the Grout Pond Recreation Area. Experience the view from the deck of the Bullwheel Restaurant at the summit of Mount Snow, Vermont.

Summit Snow Stake (NEW)

The summit snow stake provides a real-time view of snowfall and temperature on the Summit of Mount Snow at approximately 3,600' above sea level. Snow is cleared from the shelf around 7am daily.

Summit Cam

The Summit Cam looks east over Mount Snow's Main Face, with the Bluebird Express (Lift 17) six-pack bubble lift and the Grand Summit Express (Lift 11) high speed quad. The camera is located at the summit of Mount Snow at 3,600' above sea level.

Main Base Cam

The Main Base Cam overlooks the bottom of intermediate trail, Exhibition, as well as the main base area near the bottom of Bluebird Express (Lift 17).

Carinthia Base Cam

The Carinthia Base Cam overlooks the bottom of the Carinthia Base Area, including views of the bottom of Inferno and The Gulch, as well as the Heavy Metal lift.