Season Pass Frequently Asked Questions

Mount Snow Questions


When do seasonal lockers go on sale?

2017-18 Seasonal Lockers are on sale now. Seasonal lockers are located in the basement of the Main Base Lodge, below Backside Snowboards. 2017-18 Seasonal Lockers are available for $325 per locker. 


Preferred Parking:

When will preferred parking Passes go on sale?

2017-18 Preferred Parking passes are on sale now. Preferred Parking passes gives you access to Lot A, directly behind the Main Base Lodge on weekends and holidays. 2017-18 preferred parking passes are available for $325 providing a dedicated parking spot on weekends and holidays.


Seasonal Programs:

When will pricing for seasonal learning programs (like snow camp, development and competition) be posted?

2017-18 Seasonal Learning Programs are on sale now. Everything you need to know about Ski School can be found here. In addition, we have development programs, competition teams, and adaptive lessons


Spring Pass:

Do you offer a spring pass?

If you purchase a season pass for the 2017-18 season, you may use your 2017-18 pass for the rest of the 2016-17 season, even if you opt into the Payment Plan. To use your season pass this spring, head to the season pass office to pick up your pass. You receive all of the passholder benefits whether you use the payment plan or not. Check out our Peak Pass Season Pass Benefits for more details.



What is the penality for vandalizing a bubble on the bluebird express?

There is a mandatory $3,000 fine to replace the bubble, and most likely a lifetime ban from Mount Snow. Please respect the bubble!

Peak Pass Questions

Essential Question & Answers:

What's the catch?
Where can I buy a season pass?   
What happened to the old pass structure?
What is the new pass structure?


What are your age categories & how is age determined when purchasing a pass?


Will there by any added benefits? 

Blackout Dates:

Are there any blackout dates on the passes?

Bring a Friend Discount:

Can I bring a friend or family member at a discount? 

Closing Dates:

When is your last day?

College Pass:

Do you offer a college pass?

Will you be offering the Double Down Pass again?

Contact Info:

I have other questions. Where do I find answers?


What are your pass deadlines?


As a passholder, do we get any discounts?

Early Season Pricing:

Other than the early season pricing and payment plans, are there any other incentives for purchasing early?

Forgot Pass:

What if I forget my season pass?

Frequent Skier Cards:

Are the Fanfare, Vertical Value, Big Lift Super Saver cards going to be offered this season? 

Lost Pass:

What if I lose my pass?

Load Money:

Can I load money onto my season pass?


Are there blackout dates for the Traveler (midweek) pass?

New Passholder:

If I’m a new passholder for the 2017-2018 season, how will I get by season pass? 

Where do I pick up my pass?

Can I opt to have my pass mailed? 

Night Skiing:

Does my pass include night skiing?

Payment Plan:

Is there a payment plan for season passes?

How will the payment plan work?

Do I get the same pass benefits if I choose to do the payment plan rather than pay the whole sum? 

Can I use the payment plan and ski the remainder of the 17/18 season? 

Can I use the payment plan to pay for other season add-on programs? 

Peak Resorts:

Can I ski or ride at other Peak Resorts? 

What about Midwest Ski Resorts? 

If I choose to visit a ski resort during days when my pass is not valid, will I receive any sort of discount on a lift ticket? 


Where can I purchase a Peak Pass? 

Resort Specific Passes:

Can I purchase a resort specific pass – like a Hunter Only Pass? 


Can I use my season pass this summer? 

If I want to take advantage of summer lift rides when and where can I get my 2017-18 season pass? 


I heard of a passholder who loaned his pass to a friend and got caught. What happens in a situation like that? 


Can I upgrade a lift ticket I purchased towards a season pass?