Episode 1: Jen & Finn

"I don't know what else I would do on the weekends."

Every Friday afternoon during the ski season, the McCann’s leave their stresses behind in Connecticut and point the car north to the mountains of Vermont. What they find there is pure joy, and the sense of pride from watching Finn build confidence at the Training Center, friendships, and a love for skiing that will never go away.

Find pure joy

Episode 2: Becky & Tim

"The first question I ask - are you going to ski?"

It’s one thing to say “work hard and play hard”, but it’s another to live the motto every day. When it’s snowing, Tim and Becky Clark hit the mountain for fun runs, then head home to run two of West Dover’s most popular eateries. Their formula is simple. Work hard, play hard, treat your employees right, and love the outdoors.

Meet some locals

Episode 3: Ashlyn

"A lot of times, I just straight line."

While most of us were still just getting into the sport at 10 years of age, Ashlyn was already nationally ranked with more podiums and medals to her name than many will ever see. Her love for snowboarding is fed by days chasing friends down the mountain, hitting features at Carinthia Parks, exploring the outdoors… and the occasional stop at Waffle Cabin.

Ride like a 10 year old

Episode 4: Skip Kost

"I don't consider this a job. It's a hobby. It's fun."

For Skip Kost, leaving his office in Connecticut to drive north to the mountains every weekend is part of the routine. He spends his weekends on the Mount Snow Ski Patrol helping others and giving back to the mountain community he fell in love with long ago. For Skip, patrolling isn’t a job, it’s a way to get outdoors and spend time with his mountain family.

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