Spring Specialties

seasonal specialties

Natural Beauty

Wildflower head to toe beautifier; lavender, verbena and yarrow flower body polish, nourishing botanical massage and seasonal facial.

$295 / 110 minutes

Rejuvenating Herbal Therapy

Cleansing of toxic influences invigorating essential vitality: red clover blossom, dandelion, and honey dust wrap and nourishing botanical massage.

$225 / 80 minutes.

Organic Facial

True geranium cleanser, sweet milk and chamomile exfoliant, rosehip, mint, and clay mask, nourishing facial massage.

$140 / 50 minutes

Moving Meditations

NatureSpa Day

Create a custom spa day; select from our daily offerings of yoga, aquakick, guided hikes, massages and facials. Group Discounts available.

Woodland Walk

Embark on a journey of personal reflection. Immerse yourself in the silent healing power of nature. The art of observation will open your heart to the beauty that surrounds you inspiring a fresh perspective.

$45 / 1 hour

Wilderness Fitness Hike

Climb the mountain as you fall into a rhythmic heartbeat that invigorates youthful vitality while enjoying amazing vistas.

$55 / 1 hour

Sketching in Nature

Learn how to see - use a pencil to connect with the graceful beauty of untouched living things through the quiet meditation of drawing.

$225 / 1.5 hours

Guided Meditation Massage

Learn to meditate with a soundtrack of guided imagery while skilled hands lull you into deep relaxation.

$135 / 50 minutes

SVA Yoga

Private yoga therapy session

$225 / 80 minutes