Holistic Spa Specialties

inner beauty ayurvedic spa treatments

sva yoga: one-on-one private yoga therapy session~wear loose comfortable clothing~ 

$225 / 80 minutes 

relaxology: therapeutic essential oils and acupressure encourages health and deep relaxation.

$135 / 50 minutes

rebalancing energy massage: a luxurious aromatherapy massage complimented with ancient healing art of energy therapy to inspire deep relaxation, erasing accumulated stress while activating innate healing systems to know a true state of wellbeing

$185 / 75 minutes

guided meditation massage: learn how to meditate effortlessly as nurturing hands massage you into a relaxed state as a narrator lulls you into accepting new trails of affirming thoughts.

$135 / 50 mins

ayurvedic complementing therapies

restore health and vitality with ancient beauty rituals that harmonize body, mind, senses, and the soul

pittas: are self-confident, assertive, perceptive, stubborn, orderly, romantic, angry, hot and firey.
kaphas: are diligent, compassionate, affectionate, relaxed, melancholy, possessive, slow-starting, steady and sturdy, graceful, harmonious, soft and cool.
vatas: are artistic, scattered, innovative, excitable, angular, forgetful, spontaneous, quirky, child-like, dry and cold.

vata: healing herbal wrap of anise, licorice, cinnamon, and ashwaganda restores vitality and luster followed by restorative massage sandalwood, cinnamon, sweet orange, and sesame oil massage

pitta: healing herbal wrap of chamomile, ginger, coriander, lavender, and ashwaganda followed by a restorative massage of rose, jasmine, lavender, and sweet almond oil

kapha: healing herbal wrap of rose, licorice, lavender, and coriander followed by a restorative massage of sandalwood, sage, jasmine, and sunflower oil

80 minutes $225