Fall Specialties

seasonal specialties

Natural Beauty

Sugar and spice head to toe beautifier; orange peel and clove sugar body polish, honey creme massage and wrap, with seasonal facial.

$295 / 110 minutes

Rejuvenating Herbal Therapy

Strengthens your immune system while softening skin; pumpkin spice herbal wrap and honey creme massage.

$225 / 80 minutes

Organic Facial

Fine herbal cleanser, pumpkin oat scrub, honey yogurt mask, honey creme facelift massage

$140 / 50 minutes

Mountain air meandering

Guided Treks

Our naturalist takes you into nature's embrace allowing serenity to reset your rhythms to the pulse of life.

Woodland Hike: $45 / 1-1.5 hours (daily at 2pm)
Wilderness Fitness Hike: $55 / 1 hour (advance reservation required)
Summit hike, lunch, scenic chairlift ride: $125 / 2 hours (advanced reservation required)

Ask about our hiking and massage specials!

Spa Day

Woodland hike, lunch, and massage


Summit Hike Spa Day

Summit hike, lunch, scenic chairlift ride, massage


moving meditation

Jogging Clinic

Let go of your inhibitions as you fall into a gentle rhythmic heartbeat that melts away wear as it invigorates youthful vitality. Feel a powerful relaxation as you breath deeper and deeper shuffling softly in the pristine pines. Walking, jogging, and stretching.

$95 / hour

SVA Yoga

Private yoga therapy session

$225 / 80 minutes

Nature Writing

Embark on a journey of personal reflection. Immerse yourself in the silent healing power of nature. The art of observation will open your heart to the beauty that surrounds you inspiring a fresh perspective.

$225 / 1.5 hours

Sketching in Nature

Learn how to see - use a pencil to connect with the graceful beauty of untouched living things through the quiet meditation of drawing.

$225 / 1.5 hours

Guided Meditation Message

Learn to meditate with a soundtrack of guided imagery while skilled hands lull you into deep relaxation.

$135 / 50 minutes