Body Care

maple sugar body polish:

vermont maple sugar naturally exfoliates while infusing nutrients to revive skin

$225 / 80 minute with massage

enchanted body ritual:

Spiced granita body polish and hot stones beautify the skin and invites deep relaxation

$225 / 80 minutes

mountain herbal wrap:

cocoon of holistic herbs in fresh aloe base naturally detoxifies

$225 / 80 minute with massage

nourishing botanical wrap:

cocoon in a luxurious moisturizing crème of calendula, rose, lavender, & bergamot oils

$225 / 80 minute with massage

midnight honey body buzz

honey dust body scrub & warm midnight honey oil cocoon

$225 / 80 minutes 

heaven on earth:

experience pure peace as deep breathes of wild lavender relaxes you to a state of dreamlike calm. french white clay and wild lavender body polish, pure lavender milk massage.

$225 / 80 minutes


The flowering buds of the orange tree are filled with nature’s own anti-depressant, as well as being the world’s most precious skin rejuvenator. sweet sugar body polish, nourishing neroli massage and wrap.

$225 / 80 minutes

radiant glow rejuvenation

Melt away years with this highly effective head to toe skin renewal treatment. glycolic body treatment, enhancement facial, and nourishing body butter massage.

$495 / 110mins