Whether hiking Mount Snow, on Dover’s network of trails, or in one of 6 State Parks in Southern Vermont, it’s safe to say that there’s always a hiking trail near you. Plan your own hike, or explore the mountains with one of our knowledgeable guides.

Mount Snow hiking trails

Mount Snow Hiking Map

  Trail Name Distance Vertical Difficulty Time
Base Loop 2.4 mi 380' Easy 1 hour
Mount Snow 2.4 mi 1600' Difficult 2 hours
Stugger 1.0 mi 600' Moderate 1 hour 15 minutes
Summit Loop 0.5 mi 60' Easy 15 minutes
Highline 1.5 mi 1600' Very Difficult 2 hours
Link 0.9 mi 300' Moderate 1 hour
Somerset Rd 0.5 mi 1027' Easy 30 minutes
South Loop 3.6 mi 700' Difficult 2 hours 30 minutes

Dover, Vermont hiking trails

Dover – Wilmington Valley Trail

Crosstown Trail

Southern Vermont State Parks

Lowell Lake State Park

Jamaica State Park

Townshend State Park

Molly Stark State Park

Fort Dummer State Park

Sweet Pond State Park

More Information About Hiking

Naturespa at Grand Summit Resort Hotel
Located in Mount Snow’s Grand Summit Resort Hotel, Naturespa provides guided treks and naturalist tours at Mount Snow. Hiking options for all skill levels are available daily.
Address: 89 Grand Summit Way, West Dover, VT 05356 - View map
Phone: 802-464-6606
View details about Guided Treks at Naturespa