Assumption of Risk

Acknowledgment & Acceptance of Risks 

All forms of Alpine Activities are hazardous with many inherent and other risks to any resort guest. 

Skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and snowshoeing participants accept as a matter of law, the dangers of the sport, and may not maintain an action against the Resort for any injuries which result from such inherent and other risks, dangers, or hazards. Such risks include collisions with other participants, lifts and snowmaking towers, plainly marked or visible snow making equipment and vehicles; encounters with variations in terrain, water bars, other bumps, snow and ice conditions, bare spots, rocks, trees, forest growth, and debris. 

Each resort guest shall have the sole responsibility for knowing their ability to negotiate any slope, trail, terrain, and passenger tramway. Passengers are presumed to have the ability to negotiate the lift, and no liability shall attach to the ski resort for failure to instruct persons on the use thereof. 

Each resort guest shall conduct himself/herself, within the limits of his/her own ability, maintain control of his/her speed and course at all times both on the ground and in the air. 

No resort guest shall:

Ski/ride or otherwise use a slope or trail which has been designated "closed."

Ski/ride or otherwise access terrain outside open and designated ski trails and slopes or beyond ski area boundaries.

All resort guests agree that all claims against Mount Snow shall be filed in Vermont State or Federal Court under Vermont Law. 


TRee Skiing

Tree skiing and snowboarding areas are not monitored or checked by ski area personnel.

All tree terrain is considered most difficult and is recommended for expert skiers and riders only.

Ski or ride at your own risk. Use extra caution.

Unmarked obstacles and other natural hazards exist throughout.

Do not ski or ride alone, but in groups of three or more.

Be aware, use good judgement, and ski or snowboard accordingly.