West Lake Update - road closures

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Our West Lake Project is back on the front burner, and we are turning the heat up to high! This summer we will install the inflatable dam, build three pumphouses (one at West Lake, at the base of Cartinthia and up around the trail Drop) and connect our underground pipeline from West Lake heading north on Coldbrook Rd and connecting at the Wilmington/Dover town line with the pipeline we installed two summers ago.

We started ramping back up on Monday, April 10th, at the West Lake Pump house.  Our general contractor, G.W. Tatro, prepped materials (maybe you have seen the massive 24" pipe laid out) on Coldbrook Road.  

The Coldbrook Road closure will begin on 4/17/17 at the West Lake Pump house, and moving to the North.  We expect to make it to the Mann Rd/Coldbrook intersection around 5/1.  Here is our anticipated schedule.

April 17 – May 1

During this part of construction, we will work on the section of Coldbrook Rd from the West Lake entrance to Mann Rd.  Coldbrook Rd will be closed from Rt 100 to Mann Rd, except for resident traffic. 

Q:  What if I want to get to Mann Rd? 

A:  You would have to access Mann Rd from downtown Wilmington or from Handle/Coldbrook Rd using the Dover entrance.

May 1 – July 28

During this part of construction, we will work on the section of Coldbrook Rd past Mann Rd to the Wilmington/Dover town line.  Coldbrook Rd (from the intersection of Rt 100 and Coldbrook Rd) will be open up to Mann Rd.  North of Mann Rd, Coldbrook Rd. will be closed to thru traffic.

Q:  How do I get to my residence, Haystack or the Hermitage? 

A:  If your property is north of the construction, you will have to access from the West Dover Handle Rd side.  As the work progresses to the North in June/July, access to Haystack will come from the South for a short period.

While all of the work this year will be in Wilmington, Mount Snow still plans to place a message board at the Handle/Tannery Rd Intersection.  This should mitigate confusion for southbound traffic.

Productivity will dictate actual duration and the closure could be shorter or longer.

The road will be closed to through traffic, midweek, non-holiday during daylight hours.  The road will be open on weekends and holidays.     One full lane will be opened at night.  We will try to keep the northbound lane as open as possible, but it may be impacted by Jersey Barrier/Street plates as space allows. 

Local traffic will be able to access residences/businesses from one side or the other at all times.  The work will be protected with a hard barrier or street plates to protect local traffic.

The number one reason that we asked for a road closure is safety.   Excavators have blind spots when swinging across open road to fill trucks.  The other reason is to speed up production time so that the road is impacted for less overall time.  Without a road closure, the road would likely take two years to complete. 

One of the questions we have received already is, “If you have not reached my property yet (example, the Hermitage) can guests come and go as usual?”  The answer is, yes.  We will have signage at the junction of Route 100 and Coldbrook Rd letting traffic know that Coldbrook Rd is closed to through traffic.  If you are heading north on Coldbrook Rd the road will be open up to the point we are working on.  And the same is true on the North end (Handle Rd.)  As we finish work and move south, the “road closed” signage moves with us.

These maps will help illustrate the project.  

In a future blog I will give you the lowdown on the Carinthia Base Lodge project, which will also begin this summer.  It is going to be a busy one!






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