What’s Happening Over At Carinthia?

Friday, September 2, 2016

This is a question we’ve been getting a lot since removing the Ski Baba lift. So, I wanted to take a moment and answer it for everyone.

Those of you who have driven past Carinthia in the past few weeks might have noticed that where Ski Baba once stood, now looks like an adult sandbox full of life-size Tonka Toys moving earth around. What is in fact happening, is that we are upgrading our uphill capacity at our Grommet Park by 50 percent for the upcoming winter season.

Grading the Pumphouse

(Photo: Brendan Ryan a.k.a. @StageAwesome)

Gone is the slow double chair known as Ski Baba, and in its place will arise a new 400’ conveyor style lift, which is currently being assembled off-site for installation in the Fall. With this new conveyor lift, we will be able to move 500 more people per hour as compared to the old double chair. In addition to increased uphill capacity, the lift will also feature a transparent cover which will run the entire length that has the double benefit of offering a warmer ride, while also making the lift easier for us to maintain when it snows!

In addition to the lift install, we have been removing some trees and underbrush to begin installing utilities and pipe for our upcoming West Lake Project, as well as re-grading the Baba slope which is necessary as we prepare the site for the new Carinthia Pumphouse.

(Photo: Brendan Ryan a.k.a. @StageAwesome)

As you can see from the plan there are a lot of pipelines and other utilities to install as we ready for Carinthia Phase 1 of our master plan, which is slated to begin next Spring, so the more prep-work we can get done this Fall, the better.  

Have any other questions about the project, or what’s going on over at Carinthia? Leave a note in the comments and I’ll get back to you.




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