Snowboard Comp 1.11-1.12.20

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Hi Team!

Thanks for an awesome first weekend of the New Year!

The Team Anorak Windbreakers are available to order via this link.

They will have a Carinthia C on the chest and will say M*S*T*C on the back.

Orders will be closed this Sunday 1/12 at Noon so get them in ASAP.

Unfortunately there is not youth sizing available in this product so XS is the smallest size. Feel free to test the sizing and try them on at Backside before ordering.

This weekend we have our first boarder cross events of the season on 1/11 and 1/12 at Stratton! Follow the team app for the days schedule and important event info. Team App is the name of the app and within it you search for USASA Southern Vermont Series. This has everything you need including the event schedule, start lists, results and event updates. Therefore it is a must have and is your only source for this information on event days. Make sure that those boards are waxed, tuned and ready!

Unfortunately both events are sold out. I’m sure there will be a small amount of no shows allowing for some day of sign-ups but not very many so be sure and be there early if you’d like to get on the wait list.

This week’s Friday Training is FREE and will be at Stratton to get some on course practice under our feet. MSTC is covering the training costs so there will be no charge for the ADD ON day. Athletes will need their own transportation, lift ticket and lunch just as they would for an event. Lift tickets will be discounted through Stratton’s guest services day of for athletes that don’t have an IKON or Stratton pass.

For Stratton on Friday we will meet at 8:30am in the West Wing of the base lodge and will be on snow by 9am. Practice will run until around 3pm.

This Thursday 1/9 and next Monday 1/13 extra training will still be at Mount Snow as usual. Extra training time is a great way to get a leg up in our series and is highly recommended to our more competitive athletes. Extra training is available on most Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. This is extra training and can be purchased for $70 a day. 6 and 12 packs are also available for $350 and $650. Please RSVP with Nancy and I at least 2 days ahead of time by emailing and . Start times are directly associated with mountain operation times. For example, if it’s a holiday week and the lifts are spinning at 8am then we will stick to our normal drop off schedule. On normal midweek days the lifts don’t spin until 9am, therefore we run on a 1 hour delay, meaning drop off is at 9:15am. Pick up times are based upon participation and those times will be relayed to parents and athletes morning of at drop off. Special circumstances may cause for cancelations and delays in which case this information will be relayed as soon as possible via email.

As you may have heard from the athletes, this past Sunday we switched the groups up a bit. Previously our participation numbers called for groups based solely on ability and competition. As coaches we noticed that as the program grew and these groups increased in size that they were in need of some tweaking in order to ensure maximum progression. My goal as head coach of this program is to provide every athlete with an avenue to progress and compete at their own level while being surrounded by peers that have a similar mind set. I believe that with more growth over the next few years the best way to do that will be to have a competitive group and a training group for each age division. With numbers steadily increasing over the past year we decided it was time to test out groups based more upon age, with ability exceptions. On Sunday this worked absolutely fantastic and is the first step toward having two groups for each age division. We are going to continue to run these groups on normal program days from here out and the group lists will be attached this week’s email.

For younger athletes this does mess up the competition schedules per group that I have released previously so from here on think of it as follows. The MSTC Snowboard Team competes in all USASA Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Boardercross and Rail Jam events within the Southern Vermont Series. Athletes who are new to the program should spend plenty of time training and prepping for events rather than competing. You should consult your athlete’s coach on whether or not they should be training only, competing in some events to dip their toes in, or going all out in order to qualify for and attend USASA Nationals. The competition schedule provided for the previous groupings is still a good reference for what competitions each athlete is ready for.

For now this also breaks up our team spirit tactic a bit for the younger athletes in the sense of competing in all the same events as your group so that everyone has all of their training peers there for maximum comfort at events. I can assure you that once this shapes out and we start to have two groups for each age division that team spirit and comradery amongst the groups will be better than ever.

Although some athletes may be in a group with other athletes previously viewed as being at a much higher or lower level than themselves, these groups were carefully selected. Through personally observing each group on snow Sunday I can confidently assure you that each and every athlete is placed in the best possible group for their progression and growth as a snowboarder on our team. As athletes develop their skills, changes will be made accordingly. As participation numbers grow we will begin to split these groups as discussed above. If you have any questions concerning this new grouping style please email me personally at

Next weekend we have a Rail Jam at Stratton on Sunday. As stated above you can still consult the previous groupings competition schedule to have an idea of whether your athlete(s) is ready to participate. Also feel free to talk to your athlete’s coach about it over the weekend. As usual all of the important event info will be on the Team App.

The following weekend is the Mount Snow Slopestyle. Unfortunately all 3 days of this event are sold out as well. Same goes as for the boarder cross, there will be a small amount of no shows but there will be a much larger amount of people trying to get in day of so be sure and get there extra early to be on the waitlist. Those athletes who aren’t able to participate will still be able to see what it’s all about because the groups training that day will definitely be stopping by the course to support their team.

As always feel free to email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

I really appreciate your time,


Tobin Twelves
Head Snowboard Coach MSTC
Mount Snow, Vermont
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