Snowboard Competition 3.16-3.17.19

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Hi Team,

This weekend is our year end party on Saturday at the Snowbarn at 4pm Make sure athletes RSVP with Nancy if you haven’t already.

We will have a quick nationals meeting upstairs in the Ski Club just before the party at 3:15 for everyone planning to attend nationals.

While at copper things work a little differently. From the elevation change to the demanding schedule it is not always easy to instantly adapt. This year we are going to try and get a jumpstart on adapting to nationals.

First thing is staying hydrated. Drink more water, start now. If you are already dehydrated before the trip then the travel day and the elevation change will hit you pretty hard and it won’t be a quick recovery.

Second thing is the demanding Schedule. This requires being prepared to stay on the hill all day which we aren’t usually used to with our morning and lunch break. From now on if attending nationals, please come prepared for a full day on hill. This includes a small backpack/bag that has all your essentials for nationals in it. Including but not limited to water, a healthy lunch, nutritious snacks, extra mittens/ layers/ hats, sunscreen/chapstick, more water, binding tools, quick wax etc. We will bring these bags on hill and leave them at the top in a designated area. We will then come back to this point to take our breaks and lunch’s so that the kids can learn to find comfort and get rested from doing it this way before we get to nationals. All weather dependent.

Next thing is grouping, because of the “nationals groups” we have to mix things up a bit compared to usual. This year in order to provide some consistent coaching we will be designating a coach to each nationals group. On the weekends (also Fridays if attendance is there) we will be grouping the kids by their nationals groups with said coach. This way they can start to get used to what it’s like at copper.

We will be focusing on Training for our events in the mornings while still having that fun session after lunch where we will group back up with the rest of the team.

If your child is not attending nationals do not worry, we will still be running training for them in the morning as well and we will still ride as a team after lunch. They do not need to bring a bag and will run their day as usual going into the base lodge for break and lunch.

ADD ON training offered until nationals - Email Nancy and I ASAP to sign-up

Thurs 3/14, Fri 3/15, Tues 3/19, Wed 3/20, Thurs 3/21, Fri 3/22

Next Sunday 3/24 will be our final day of training at Mount Snow for the 2018/19 Season. Athletes attending nationals should use that week prior to nationals to rest, hydrate, pack, get ahead on school work, and take care of anything else needed to be fully prepared for our trip to CO.

Looking forward to a fun weekend.

I really appreciate your time,


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