Snowboard Comp 2.16 - 2.18.19

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Hi Team,

Don’t forget about our Nationals Meeting in the Ski Club on 2/16 @ 3:30pm

If you plan to attend nationals and can’t make this meeting then Email me

We had a great weekend of back to back halfpipes. We haven’t rode a lot of pipe this year so props to all of our athletes for giving it their all out there and working hard to improve their runs. In Grommet Girls we had Sadie McKinlay with a gold medal, In Menehune Girls Breck Bensin with 4 bronze medals, in Breaker Girls Gidget Holden with 2 silver medals and 2 gold medals. For the Grommet Boys we had Austin Cataudo with 2 gold medals, in Menehune Boys Anthony DeMartino with 3 bronze medals, and in Junior Men we had John Auerbach with 4 bronze medals. We coaches are extremely proud of all of our athletes for the hard work they put into this weekend. GO TEAM!

Coming up next we are offering 11 consecutive training/coaching days, starting tomorrow. Thursday and Friday, 2.14 and 2.15 are add-on training days; Saturday, Sunday and Monday are program days; Tuesday thru Friday, 2.19-2.22 are add-on training days. You must make reservations for add-on training days with Nancy,  Cost is $70.00 per day or $350.00 for a non-refundable 6-pack.  No athlete should be expected to train/compete for 11 days straight, so based on weather and participation we will plan some days off accordingly. Please sign up with Nancy and I ASAP. This is ADD-ON training and it is a busy week at the mountain. DO NOT expect to just show up to training next week and play it by ear. We need to know what your intentions are for the week, weather permitting, so that I can schedule coaches. I will be making the finalized coaches schedule for the week on Sunday 2/17, The schedule will be based on their group participation in add on training AND the weather forecast. So that being said if you are going to be here all or some of next week and your athlete might be training with the team then Email me right now, please cc

Training focus for the week will be based on participation. Cody’s, Jmark’s and Leon’s groups will begin to focus mainly on slopestyle while Paul’s group will continue to be more race focused.

This Friday 2/15 we have GS/SL at Bromley Mtn. Email me ASAP if your athlete will be there.

Grommet Jam is on Monday 2/18 Paul’s Group and Jmark and Ally’s group should be signed up. Please proceed directly to Carinthia and follow the grommet jam schedule. Your coaches will be stationed at the grommet park.

Monday 2/18 is an included training day so Cody and Leon’s group will meet at main base and proceed as normal.

Next Saturday 2/23 is the third and final Rail Jam at Stratton. Cody’s, Leon’s, and Jmark’s group are all scheduled for this so make sure you are signed up. Ally can stay at Mount Snow if needed but I would love it if the whole group goes so she can be there to support the team.

Next Sunday 2/24 is the third and final GS/SL at Stratton. Paul’s group and a few athletes from Cody and Leon’s group will be going so make sure your athlete is signed up.

3/1 through 3/3 is the final weekend at Okemo. Two days of Slopestyle followed by a Back to Back Halfpipe. Cody’s, Leon’s, and Jmark’s groups are all scheduled for all 3 of these events now. So make sure you are registered today and get those hotels booked soon. It should be a fun weekend! If your athlete is in these groups and don’t plan to attend email me ASAP so I can schedule coaches accordingly. Paul’s group is scheduled for the double halfpipe that Sunday, but based on the participation in this last one I’m not so sure. If your athlete is in Paul’s group please email me your feelings/intentions on this so I can plan accordingly.

The VT open is the following weekend 3/8 – 3/10 Cody’s and Leon’s Group should be signed up. If any athletes from any other groups are interested feel free to join the fun. It is a fairly competitive event and does not follow the USASA guidelines so do some research before signing up. That being said it’s a really fun weekend with some unusual events including Retro Pipe and Banked Slalom.

As always if you’re unsure about any of these events feel free to shoot me an email,

Spread the word about the team to your family and friends at Mount Snow. We offer a free Test Drive day for anyone interested in trying the program. The more athletes we have the more groups we can have. With more groups we can provide more avenues for the athletes in the program.


I really appreciate your time,

Tobin Twelves

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