Snowboard Comp 1.19 - 1.20.19

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hi Team,

What an awesome weekend of Boardercross! We came home with 8 Podium spots from this weekend, which is absolutely fantastic. In the Grommet Boys division, Wade Barnes took home the Gold on day one. In the Menehune Girls division, Breck Bensin took 2nd place and Taylor Robles took 3rd both days. In Menehune Boys Division, Robbie Raimos displayed extraordinary sportsmanship when a rider fell behind him so hard that he stopped to make sure they were ok. Fortunately this rider was fine but because Robbie stopped to check he was able to pass him putting Robbie in 4th Place on day one. He then came back on day two and was able to take home 3rd place. In the Ruggie boys division, Austin Cataudo took home the Gold on day two. In the Grommet girls division, Sadie Mckinlay took 2nd on day two. All of our riders did absolutely FANTASTIC and I’m very proud of them for giving it their all out there.

As a general rule of thumb, please mention to your athletes that it is not appropriate to touch another athlete’s equipment unless asked to do so by that athlete or a Coach. It’s perfectly acceptable to be competitive and want to win, even if it means beating your teammates. That being said we need to make sure it is being done with Respect and Sportsmanship.

Coming up this weekend we have a lot going on. First thing is GS/SL at Bromley this Friday. I currently have 3 confirmed athletes that will be attending. If your athlete wants to attend then please Email me at ASAP. For anyone not competing in GS/SL on Friday we will have normal ADD ON Friday training at Mount Snow, Email Nancy at to sign up.

As most of you know Saturdays Halfpipe comp at Okemo was cancelled and moved to Mount Snow on 2/9 and 2/10, making both of those days Double Halfpipes. Cody and Leon’s Group will do all 4 of these. All other groups should stick to the days listed on their schedule and sign up for the morning comp that day. This means that this Saturday 1/19 will be a normal training day at Mount Snow.

Sunday is the SVS Rail Jam #2 at Stratton. Cody and Leon’s Group should all be signed up. This is also on the Schedule for Jmark and Ally’s group. I do not think that all of these kids are ready so that being said, please do not hesitate to email me or talk to Jmark and Ally on Saturday if you or your athlete are unsure.

Grommet Jam #2 is this coming Monday 1/21, Jmark and Ally’s group, and Pauls Group Should be attending so SIGN-UP ASAP, if you plan to be around on Monday. If your athlete is too old for Grommet Jam and would like attend ADD ON Training with Cody and Leon’s group on Monday, then please email to inquire about whether your athlete is ready or not.

For Cody and Leon’s Group we will be running ADD ON Training on Monday 1/21 MLK day. Sign up with Nancy ASAP.

This week’s sessions:

Friday – Event Training, FUNdamentals, Free Ride

Saturday – Event Training, Progression Session, Team Shred

Sunday – Event Training, Re-Learn 2 Turn, WOODS

Monday – Event Training, Switch it up, Jib-Trains


All of the schedules for the Comps are posted in the Team APP or on Grommet Jam Sign-up.

Also, the Vans High Standard registration and the Vermont Open registration are both open. Please sign your athletes up ASAP if it is on their schedule.


I really appreciate your time,

Tobin Twelves

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