Snowboard Comp 12.22-23.18 and Holiday Week

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Hi Team!

Another great weekend in the books and our first comp was a huge success. I’m extremely proud of all of our athletes who gave it their all out there on Sunday. We had some battles to work through and it definitely was not easy, but overall the team pulled through and left a fierce first impression with their competitors in the Southern Vermont Series. We even had athlete, Breck Bensin, take home 3rd place in the 10-13 girls division, Congrats Breck. Most importantly we had FUN! We need to remind our athletes that having fun is the most important part (behind safety) and if they are not having fun at competitions then they should reconsider participating in competitions. Huge props to our athletes for cheering their teammates on in the different heats, this kind of comradery early on makes me really excited for what is to come.

This Weekends Sessions:

Friday (rain possible, will run sessions accordingly)

* BX Training, FUNdamentals, Tactics for being focused


* Racing Tactics, Progression Session, Team Shred


* Slopestyle Training, Guided Discovery, Group Free Ride


* Rail Jam/ Grommet Jam Training, Tactics for Halfpipe, Christmas Shred

Remember, next week we are training on Wednesday 12/26, Thursday 12/27 (Grommet Jam), and Friday 12/28, as well as our normal weekend. These days are included in the program and all coaches are scheduled to be here so please let us know if your athlete is NOT attending.

We will also be offering training during presidents’ week in February, this is not included in the program and will work as additional days, similar to Fridays. Coaches are not currently scheduled for that week so the sooner we know you are coming the better.

I’m Excited for another fun weekend!


Tobin Twelves

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