Snowboard Comp 12.8-12.9.18

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Hi Team!

Thanks for making the first weekend smooth and fun! The kids have now been placed into their groups based on their interests, riding ability, and dedication to competition. Granted there will be some group adjustments but for the majority this will be their group for the season. I want these groups to Ride together, Train together, and compete together. I’ve attached a list of the groups and their coaches, We will name the groups but for now I will address them by the coach’s name.

 Moving into this weekend we will be getting right into training for events. On Saturday, during our three sessions, we will be covering Park Fundamentals, Rail Jam training, and Team Shredding. Sunday’s three sessions will be Racing Fundamentals, Rail Jam training, and group freeride. These sessions will be in no particular order and will be placed based on hill space and individual group needs.

Our First Competition is coming up, Stratton Rail Jam on Sunday 12/16. I would like both Cody’s Group and Leon’s Group to compete in this event. That being said, I would still like the other groups to train for it this coming weekend. This is a USASA Event so, make sure your memberships are up to date.

FRIDAYS! Or Extra Days in general are a great leg up on the competition, it’s also nice for specialized training and when comps are in full swing and we are traveling every weekend.  There is a 3 athlete minimum / or 3 slots need to be purchased. We also need two days’ notice, for example if you would like your athlete to train on Friday 12/14 you need to contact Nancy by the morning of Wednesday 12/12.

Don’t forget about the Team Meeting on Saturday 12/15 @ 4pm, upstairs in the training center. It will be followed by our team potluck dinner on Saturday 12/15 from 4:30ish – 7pm, also upstairs in the training center. 



Tobin Twelves

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