Snowboard Competition 12.1-12.2.18

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hi Team,

                I’d like to start out by saying welcome back! Winter is here and is in full swing. As you all know, Aaron will not be returning this year and I have stepped in as head coach. I understand there is some concerns about us not having a race coach any more. I would like to assure you that I am extremely confident in all of our coaches abilities to provide our athletes with the skills they need across all disciplines. That being said we are actively looking to hire a coach to accommodate those athletes looking to race at a highly competitive level.

                My plan for the team this weekend is to have fun! Saturday we will be meeting at 8:15 am in-between the clock-tower and cape-house. This will be our regular meeting time and place when we are at Mount Snow. Please have boards, passes, equipment, etc. ready to go by Friday.

***Please have all required forms filled out and program sticker attached to the back of the athletes seasons passes.  Your athlete will not be able to participate without a program sticker.***

The goal of day one will be to shake the rust off and build up team spirit. Day two on Sunday, we will begin to place them into their groups. We will be grouping them based on their individual needs/goals in order to keep them with the same group all season. These groups will ride together, train together and compete together across multiple disciplines. We will also be breaking down our time each day into three sessions, allowing us to designate our focus throughout the day.

                Going into the season I know there is a lot of questions. To make things easy we will be using this platform as our only form of communication. For all team/training questions please email me at  For all program/pricing questions please email Nancy Logan at  I will answer all questions either directly via email or in the blog each week. The blog will be posted every Wednesday. I’m also asking each of you to send me an email including your child’s name and their goals for the season. This will help me as we group the kids up. I will be posting our competition schedule on the Snowboard Comp calendar.

                We will be having a team meeting on Saturday, December 15th at 4 pm upstairs in the training center. Following the meeting will be our snowboard team dinner from 4:30 pm – 7 pm. There is a sign-up sheet in the link below, please sign up so we know who is coming and what everyone is bringing.

                I hope everyone is stoked for an awesome season. See you all this weekend.


Tobin Twelves

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