Snowboard Competition 3.17-3.18.18

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

 I write this as another 18inches of snow is falling. It’s hard to feel like we are at the end of the season after almost 60 inches of snow have fallen in the past week. 

I reflect on our season, as I prepare for nationals, write letters of recommendation for athletes moving on to different programs and letters of reference for coaches with big dreams. 

I am hopeful that most of you will return next year to learn and have fun in the environment we have all come to know and love. 

This next Saturday the 17th of March we will have our end of year party in the Snowbarn. Nancy sent out RSVPs please check in with your teammates and friends to make sure they responded. I would love to see all Snowboard team members attend.

I know all us coaches had an amazing season and we were all blown away by the progress of each and every one. 
Over the summer please keep up your skills by strapping into your board on a carpet or grass and bouncing tip to tail and Ollying and spinning. Also learn how to skate board. If you can get on some snow out west or on some artificial snow that’s good too ask your coaches for ideas. 

Finally as you ride one more time with your friends for the season don’t forget to exchange numbers and email and twitter handles and like each other on Instagram. Stay in touch with those close. We snowboarders are a small community and we need to stick together. 

Thank you all for the fun and inspiration and stoke this season. 

2018-19 Seasonal Programs have gone on sale. They have added a payment plan option this year.  Go to to purchase programs online.  

From all of us.
Paul, J.Mark, Norm, Nick, Tobin, Cody, Gretchen and Aaron

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