Snowboard comp 2.17-19

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

It feels as if each week since the New Year has been its own little winter season. We get manmade snow one day, powder the next, a couple good days and then rain, spring conditions, a freeze and it starts all over. Our weekends have been falling intermittently throughout this cycle. It looks like this weekend again will bring us some excellent conditions for training. I have no doubts that our adverse conditions are what makes winter athletes from Vermont so successful on the world stage. 
That being said it important to be prepared for whatever the weather so we can be productive and have fun. Saturday looks like it will be mid 20’s and Sunday a bit warmer in the mid 30’s 
The snow here currently feels like spring with slush and sugar covering the terrain that has been consistently groomed. Saturday morning may be a bit firm so check your edges. 

This weekend is a holiday weekend with 3days of training(Monday is included in the program). If you would like to ride next week with coaches please let me know and I will make arrangements for coaching during the vacation week.  

Monday is the final Grommet Jam at Carinthia, they rebuilt it this week it should a lot of fun. 

There are only 2 more weekends full of Southern Vermont series events. Stratton will host the final rail jam on the 24th and a slope style on the 25th. Then Okemo the following weekend will host two more Slopes one on Friday one on Saturday and then the final Halfpipe events on Sunday. 

If you are thinking about nationals please contact me via e-mail so I can share the information I have so far about dates and cost. 

Happy Valentines Day


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