Snowboard Comp 2.3-2.4.18

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dear Snowboard Team,

This is a very busy time of winter for the team. This month we will have the majority of our competitions for the season.  There will always be training at the mountain if you are not away at an event. It is very helpful to let the coaches know ahead of time where you will be so we can plan coverage. 

February 3&4 Bordercross at Stratton. 
(A new course has been built)
February 10 2GS and 2SL at Bromley 
February 11 2 Halfpipe at Okemo
February 24 Final RJ Stratton
February 25 Slopestyle Stratton

If you are interested more in BX February 17&18 there are races at Sunday River ME following HoleShot tour. This will be a more challenging course. There will be a coach going to these races. 
A few riders have expressed going to Gore Mnt. In NY on 19th for BX. 
February 24&25 there are more BX at Big Boulder a peak resort. Our pass works there. 

The TC will do it best to support our athletes at all out of series events. It’s always easier to send coaches when there are multiple athletes attending. 

Thank you to all who attended the parent meeting last weekend. If you have additional thoughts or questions about nationals please contact me. 

Finally. Good Luck Devin Logan and Nancy on your trip to the Olympics. 


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