Snowboard Comp 1.27-1.28.18

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Drop, or Drop next or Dropping, is what we say in the park when we are up to hit the feature and we are rolling in. It lets the riders around us know that we are committed and heading in to execute a feature. The phrase Drop is particularly important in half-pipe, where you will also hear “Drop next”, because there really is nowhere else to go once your committed.

Well we had a warm spell, but the temps have dropped. Snowmaking is on and the parks and pipe have been cut.

Many of our riders are about to drop in on the USASA slope-style events this weekend. IF YOUR COMPETING check in in Carinthia base lodge between 7:30&8:00 just like any other comp. We will hit the lift at 8:00 for practice and warm up. The events are full so if your not registered your out of luck sorry.

Not Competing meet at the same bat time at the same bat place there will be training as usual and we will head to park to cheer on our teammates.

Saturday 4pm (or a bit later if awards are not wrapped up) Parent Meeting

3rd floor Training Center. If you are considering nationals this is important as I will be talking logistics and costs. Also I will be talking about why we train what we train, why we compete what we compete in and how the US Snowboard Association views the athlete “pipeline” for the competitors.

Next weekend there is more BX action at Stratton. Training on course again on Friday. Sign up now for the races so you don’t miss out.



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