Snowboard Comp 12.23-12.24 and Holiday Week

Thursday, December 21, 2017

"Snowboarding allows you to create your own path, and for me it was awesome because no one was telling me what to do. I could go out on the mountain and try new things and learn for myself."

Mark McMorris


This past weekend was the first competition in the Southern Vermont Series. Stratton hosted a Rail Jam on Sunday and we had 12 competitors. The Mount Snow Comp Team brought home medals, a bag of new tricks, and a new sense of what it means to be on a team.

I was reminded, by one of our youngest competitors, of the quote above. He said “ I don’t want to be told what to do”. He misunderstood my direction at the time but he was right. Snowboarding is about our own path. Individuality has always been at the heart of our sport. As a coach I feel it is my job to guide not direct, to help never inhibit. As coaches our job is to give the tools for freedom and safe discovery of what is possible with your feet strapped together sliding sideways.

The holiday week is upon us. We will train every day except the 25th of December and January 1st (Tuesday, December 26, is an add on training day and will occur an additional $70.00 cost). Please let Nancy know your plans. December 27th is the first Grommet Jam for riders 12 and under, all are encouraged to participate as we will have coaches helping and judging. If your not Jamming or your too old we will ride park in the new set ups, train gates, and Boarder Cross all over the mountain. If we get more snow (fingers crossed) we will ride some trees.

Happy Holidays. Keep snow in your


Aaron and the rest of the coaches

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