Snowboard Comp 12.16-12.17

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

It’s Coming Together

Week 3 we are getting it together. Training groups are flushing out. We are getting to know each other. Devo has begun. Oh and we got 16inches of Pow Tuesday!

Saturday there will be Rail Jam and Slope training all day, I know they are rebuilding the parks, it should be epic. We will also be race training on Fallen Timbers on the North Face to prepare for Killington.

Sunday is the first Rail Jam. It sounds like we will have 11 or 12 going so 2 coaches will be available at the event. Pre-register before Thursday night, or get in line around 7:30 am. All competitors will need to check in please get there early with your bib from last year if you have it.

The other coaches not at RJ will be training at Mount Snow in Slope and BX.

Thank you to all who have turned in your surveys I will be getting training plans out to you shortly if you have not already received one.

Please check the Google calendar below for updates on training and events, I will be keeping this up to date as information becomes available.

Please join me for our weekly clinic on Saturday at 4. This weeks topic: Nutrition.

Drink Water.


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