Snowboard Comp 12.9-12.10

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Second Run

Development Program starts this weekend.

The “Devo” program is a really great step towards becoming a really solid rider, its part of a progression from lessons to a program with the same coach every weekend for 15 weeks of the winter.  You will improve as a snowboarder riding with a group, and you will have tons of safe fun.  Please meet at 8:45 between the clock tower and Cape house, below the Bluebird and Canyon lifts.  The program runs until 12:45 and there will be time for a snack.  Please be prepared with your equipment and clothing for the day.  Check in with Nancy before you head out if you have any questions or if you have not filled out paperwork.


The jitters and excitement of the first weekend of comp are out.  Any expectations you placed on yourself for the first weekend should now be in the past.  We have gotten a read on each other the coaches know your name and your style (budding or solid).  We are starting to establish goals for the season together.  Now its time to get to work. 

Often in a competition you get two runs.  This is true in halfpipe and slopestyle as well as Alpine race events.  The first run we always advise to play it safe, land the tricks you know you can land, pick the line you know is the cleanest.  Second run is a chance to throw your banger tricks if you have landed your first run or safety run.  This second weekend can have that feeling.  Your more comfortable so you can start to push it, your still excited to improve fast and throw down new stuff.  DON’T !

Yes this second weekend you’ll be more comfortable.  You know when and where to meet (8am clock tower) you know we will warm up, have a snack, work on skills, eat lunch, have fun and go home. (2:30 clock tower)   But please listen to your coaches, trust that we will tell you when to pull the trigger on that new trick, or open up your speed and send it, that’s our job. 

There will be a tuning clinic on Saturday 4pm in Basement of the TC.

I have sent along a survey with a letter and sample training plan.  The calendar on the sample plan is accurate.  Feel free to edit and send back.  Please answer the questions on the survey and get back to me ASAP so I can start making individual training plans.

You will also receive a link to the SI store for our team gear this week.




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