Snowboard Comp - Opening Day 11.11.17

Monday, November 13, 2017

Opening Day 11.11.17

The pulse quickens.  Excitement builds. Its hard to sleep as all the gear is laid out and double checked. The sight of the mountain is seen through the windshield or out the window of the car.  The guns are on. The Promise of white terrain is made real.  Is it a dream? It still feels unreal so early! But its here and its better than you could have imagined.

My first impulse was to write, don’t strap on your new board there will be bare spots, but it was a misguided impulse based on the past.  The 9 trails open top-to-bottom were covered with beautiful thick powdered sugar. Wax is important but only to keep your base hydrated and to keep the flats behind you.

In 3 weeks we will all be together riding again, fulfilling our dreams, working towards our goals, and smiling ear to ear.

I had my opening day this weekend and you will have yours.

Aaron Walsh

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