Snowboard Comp Feb 3-5

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What a whirlwind of comps this month has been! In February we have 2 weekends of comps, then February break! We have practice the 18-20, and optional addon 4 pak from the 21st - 24th, then more comps that weekend. Note- you can purchase a 7 pak of extra training days and use some of them for the Feb break. Check with Nancy for details.

This Friday there will be practice at Stratton for the boardercross- and many of you are looking ahead to halfpipe the following weekend, so if there are enough who would like to, we can split the day- morning at Stratton and afternoon at home to practice halfpipe. Please reach out with your thoughts on this. Then Saturday for those not competing there is a Vans compe here at Carinthia, optional, please inform us if you would like to compete, or just train for the day. Saturday and Sunday are both boardercross days. Meet your coaches at Registration, between 7:30- 8. 

As always let me know where your athlete will be so I can staff accordingly.

Did I mention the halfpipe is open?


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