Snowboard Comp Jan 20-22

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Get Ready for ...Boarder cross Weekend!!!!

Congrats to all the competitors who killed it this past weekend with all the jams! No it's time for my favorite event - It's racing, it's jumps, it's riding with your friends - and the winner is who gets to the bottom first! 

Friday Training will be at Stratton on Friday. Meet your coach at the base lodge at 9 ready to ride, we will stay til 3. 

Then back to back boardercross races at Stratton, meet coaches at registration between 7:30-8 am. Have snacks, water, extra layers/ gloves/ goggles. The race starts with practice, then a time trial, and then usually lunch followed by heat racing. It can be a long day, so get plenty of rest and eat lots of healthy food!

As always, please let me know who is competing at Stratton, who will be training on Friday at Stratton, or if you will be a Mount Snow for practice on Saturday and Sunday.

See you soon!



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