Mount Snow Minute #3: White Christmas Guaranteed!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Good Morning from a snowy Mount Snow. With 18 inches in the past week and 3 more this morning, we’re really living up to our name!

Today has been one of those great days where things line up perfectly and the groomers are able to groom all trails before the snow starts flying, setting the mountain up for those creamy turns over perfect cord kind of days.

But enough about today, let’s talk about the coming week. With all our natural snowfall, more on the way in the forecast, and the work of our snowmaking teams, we are no longer wishing for, but instead happy to report that we’ll be having a white Christmas and Hanukkah!

Our snowmaking team has been going to town, and we're planning to open Chute, Fallen Timbers, Milky Way, Ego Alley, and Roller Coaster by the weekend. Park builds are happening now in Prospector, The Farm, and Junkyard, and Grommet just reopened with a fresh build. 

If you’re joining us next week, we have variety of events for the whole family, from Grommet Jam to the Torchlight Parade and Fireworks to live music at Snow Barn .

See you on the slopes!


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