We Love Snow

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We love snow. It’s in our DNA. That feeling of each unique flake of snow as it falls on your glove, or as it builds up outside your window as you rest up for the next powder day.  The first views of the mountain turned white overnight, that hurts-so-good burning feeling in your legs as you awaken your winter muscles. We’ve waited all summer, and now as the days grow shorter and morning breaks with a hint of frost in the air, we know it won't be much longer now.  

While we’ve been enjoying the warm weather, deep down our one true love is snow! Winter is almost upon us once again, and while some of you might think that we use the summer to kick back and relax, you’d be sorely mistaken. So far, we’ve completed over 100 upgrades and projects around the mountain, from jobs as small as a new deck at Cuzzins, to as big as building the most powerful snowmaking system in the Northeast. That’s right, the most powerful in the Northeast!

You’d think we’d stop at that, but instead we’ve also decided to widen Long John and purchase 220 new snowguns , bringing our fleet of 917 guns, including the most fan guns in North America, to 100% industry-leading low energy technology, allowing us to make more snow than ever all while using less power. And on top of all that, we’ve begun construction on a new lodge in the Carinthia Base Area that will be ready in time for the 2018/19 season.

While we hope for another winter like last year with above average snowfall, no matter what, this will be the season of the snowmaker, with our guys champing at the bit to fire up this new system and see what it can really do. The effects will be felt right from day one, where it will allow us to make more snow on more trails and in a shorter period of time. This will result in trails opening faster throughout the season, and maintaining better coverage than ever before.

Between the upgrades around the mountain, our Peak Pass coming back for another year of allowing our passholders to explore the Northeast, and our packed list of on-mountain events. This winter is shaping up to be one for the record books, even before the first flake has fallen.

Need to scratch the itch before our lifts start spinning? Check out this winter teaser we’ve just released, or simply search the hashtag #WeLoveSnow on Instagram, which you can also use to share your favorite winter memories all season long.

See you on the slopes!



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