We Love Snow: Tera Adams

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

“Nothing is impossible. So don’t ever set a limit for yourself or for somebody else.” -Tera

Tera Adams believes that the love of snow is for everybody, and as the Director of Adaptive Sports at Mount Snow, she has devoted herself to connecting scores of volunteers with athletes to provide access to the mountains, no matter what.

Almost 200 volunteers participate in the program throughout the year, working with hundreds of athletes to find creative solutions to get out there and experience the joy that comes from a day on the slopes. Every day, they prove that if you try hard enough, and you find a team who’s willing to work towards a goal, everyone can enjoy the mountains.

Tera’s approach is simple: “Nothing is impossible,” she says, “so don’t ever set a limit for yourself or for somebody else.” If there’s a will, then Tera will find a way. And it’s her positive attitude and approach that that’s simply infectious. You can’t spend a day around Tera and not leave knowing that this world is a better place for having her in it. Don’t believe us? Just ask any of her staff, volunteers, or clients and they’ll talk your ear off.

But it’s not Tera alone that makes this all possible. It’s her volunteers that give their time each weekend to selflessly help others. Like so many great programs here at the mountain, be it coaching, ski patrol, or our ambassadors, there’s no better way to see the mantra of “we love snow” embodied than with our scores of volunteers.

Tera’s message is something that we all can get behind.  If you love snow, and you love the mountains, maybe you’ll find inspiration in Tera’s story.

Watch this episode, then check back for the next episode coming out next week.

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