We Love Snow - Jen and Finn

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The McCanns are all about skiing. Jen McCann raised her son Finn on snow, and as Finn’s love for the mountains continues to grow, Jen now spends her days chasing Finn all over the mountain. But teaching Finn to love the sport of skiing didn’t happen overnight.

Every Friday afternoon during the ski season, the McCanns leave their stresses behind in Connecticut and point the car north to the mountains of Vermont. What they find there is pure joy, and the sense of pride that comes from watching their son build confidence, friendships, and a love for skiing that will never go away. 

The McCanns have a lot to be proud about. Now 10 years old, Finn’s starting to blaze his own path with a group of close friends he’s developed through skiing and the Mount Snow Training Center.  A great skier herself, Jen’s barely able to keep up with her son. 

The McCanns are an example of grabbing life by the horns. At the end of their ski weekends, they return to Connecticut tired but rejuvenated. They go home ready for whatever life sends their way, knowing that they’ll return again soon to do it all over again. For the McCanns, skiing is a family sport, it’s a way of life, and now Finn’s taking the lead.

It’s the first story about why so many people like you love snow too. Take a look, then watch for the next episode coming out next week.

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