The Summer You Try Mountain Biking

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It's really not that scary!

For some, the opening of the Mount Snow Bike Park is greeted with the same anticipation and eagerness as the opening day of ski season, but for others, the announcement is met with a resounding “meh.”

As an avid biker myself, I wanted to take a moment and break down why this might be happening. What I came up with, was a lack of understanding of just what downhill mountain biking is all about.

I think the problem lies in the fact that most of the folks, that have yet to embrace life on two wheels, picture something like this when they hear the phrase “downhill mountain biking”.

Looking at this, I totally understand knee jerk reaction of  “Nope, not for me!” that a video like Brandon’s run at Rampage elicits, but that would be like being invited to ski a weekend at Mount Snow, and having an image of heli skiing in AK pop into your head. It’s just not a fair representation. Instead, people need to realize that it's more like the image in the header (that kid is 10 by the way!)

So how do we change this?

First off, we have the longest beginner downhill trail on the East Coast, which is no harder than simply biking down your local rails-to-trails trail, but with the added fun of a few rollers, a couple beginner banked turns, and the best part…it’s all downhill! This trail allows even those who have never mountain biked before to build up their confidence and skills at their own speed.

Still not convinced, or just a little too nervous? No problem! Our guides, based out of Mount Snow Sports @ The Grand, are here to walk you through everything from beginner skills in our First Lift Program, to private lessons for those of any ability looking to improve their form. These guys and gals are trained to introduce you and your family to their favorite sport in a low-stress way that focuses on the fun!

So do yourself a favor, and make this summer the summer you shake off that stigma and hop on a bike, but just watch out, it's addicting!

See you on the trails!



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