Evolver Trail: Newer, Bigger and Bolder

Friday, August 19, 2016

The newly revamped Evolver Trail is now open to the public and ready to rip.

Here at Mount Snow we’re proud of our over 30 years of downhill mountain biking heritage, from way back in the days of NORBA Nationals, to our Eastern States Cup race earlier this summer. That being said, a lot has changed in the sport over the last several years, and from time to time trails need revisiting, rethinking and rebuilding.

With this in mind, we’ve noticed a bit of a shift in what today’s recreational downhillers are looking for in their trails. In the past, it was all about techy rock and root lines, but recently more and more people are gravitating towards flow-style trails, complete with high-banked turns, wider machine-cut sections and of course, more hits and airs. In response to this, we’re happy to announce that we’ve finished up a total revamp of Evolver – known to most around here simply as Trail Six –which is now fully open to the public from top to bottom starting today. 

While we’re a big fan of all the hard work that trail crew has put in on Evolver, we’re not one to forget where we came from, so rest assured, you can still find miles of technical rock, root and drop-filled trails for those of you seeking out a rip down Swamp Donkey for that ”Classic New England Downhill” experience.

For more information on mountain biking at Mount Snow, stop by Mount Snow Sports and speak with one of our knowledgeable guides, or even book a lesson for a personalized tour of what our mountain has to offer.

Just remember to keep it rubber side down!



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