Snowmaking Upgrades for Winter 2019/20

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Get ready for even more snow!

We are pleased to announce some exciting changes on the way for winter 2019/20! Snowmaking upgrades continue to be a priority at Mount Snow and we are thrilled to share with you what our team has been working on this summer.

This winter, we will see quite a few changes to both the Sunbrook Face and Carinthia Parks. These changes include both the addition of snowmaking to these two trails as well as an update to the trail map to account for these changes.

Sunbrook On the Sunbrook side, we’ve added 7.2 acres of snowmaking to Little Dipper, which will now run as a top-to-bottom blue trail. With the addition of snowmaking to this increasingly popular section of the mountain, it will allow us to open Little Dipper earlier in the season and keep it more consistently covered, while also offering another top-to-bottom route from the summit for various levels of skiers and riders to enjoy.

Carinthia In Carinthia, our team added snowmaking to Fool’s Gold, which will now include the bottom section of Nitro as Lower Fool’s Gold, making the top section appropriately named as Upper Fool’s Gold. The addition of snowmaking to this area of the mountain will increase our coverage by another 9.8 acres and allow us to transform it into a park with small features. This top-to-bottom small park will be the perfect stepping stone in between Grommet and the rest of our M/L parks such as Nitro, Prospector, Junkyard, and Mineshaft.

Overall, this increases our snowmaking coverage by a total of 17 acres, moving us from 80% to 83% total coverage. As we continue to prioritize snowmaking upgrades, we have our sights set on 100% coverage for the future.

These projects wouldn’t have been possible without the previous upgrades of the past three summers including the addition of West Lake, our 120-million-gallon snowmaking reservoir, as well as new pumphouses and pipes, totaling more than $30 million invested in snowmaking. 

Our dedication to snowmaking resulted in the earliest opening in Mount Snow’s history last year, as well as consistent coverage throughout the season. We know that Mother Nature may be fickle, but you can always count on our snowmakers!

So, with the most powerful snowmaking system in the Northeast on our side, you can book your winter vacation knowing that we’ll provide you with the best conditions possible. You can find lift tickets as low as $31.99 when you purchase online in advance, but don’t wait! The sooner you buy, the more you save.

Or pick up your 2019/20 Peak Pass , Epic Pass , Epic Local Pass , or Epic Day Pass to secure more days on snow.

See you soon!



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