N.E. Time and Snowdance

Thursday, December 8, 2016

With the trail openings today and yesterday, you may have noticed a few changes over on the looker’s right side of Canyon Express, in the form of two new trails called N.E .Time and Snowdance Pitch.

While some have been quick to point out that these trails already existed under other names, I wanted to take a moment and explain our thinking behind the renaming and reclassifying. 

In looking at new opportunities to get beginners to try some of the lifts and terrain on the upper mountain without having to jump right to Long John, we collaborated with our instructors to find out which trails were their “go-to's” when it came to progressing their students from the beginner areas in the base. While most of us would think the answer was Long John, overwhelmingly the response we got was a move from the top of One More Time and then transitioning over to the lower half of Snowdance, or onto Somerset Road.  With this in mind, we have renamed the top of One More Time as NE Time, and reclassified that pitch as a green trail, while at the same time renaming the top of Snowdance as Snowdance Pitch, which will remain a blue trail and reclassifying the bottom as a green trail. This gives beginners a top-to-bottom green trail to explore that they previously would have steered clear of. 

I can assure you that this was not simply us looking to appear as though we have more beginner trails than we do, but was a decision to give beginners more options as they develop their skills and begin to explore the rest of the mountain. Another added benefit is that it takes some of the pressure off of Long John on some of the weekend days, when we all know things can get a bit crowded up there. 

In addition to the renaming and reclassifying, we’ve also made arrangements to increase our snowmaking potential on the NE Time trail, which should help some of our beginner skiers feel more confident about making the jump out of the base area. 

I’m very proud of the team’s decision to make this commitment to our beginners, because after all they are the future of our sport. 

See you out there!


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