Mount Snow Minute #15: Air & Après, Jack Jumping, and Fresh Snow

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The kickoff weekend for an event-filled Spring at Mount Snow.

Before we get into this, I’d like to take a moment to thank our Lift Ops and Lift Mechanics teams for all the hard work they have put in so far in getting The Bluebird Express back up and running. For details on what happened, the progress, and an anticipated open date, visit .

Alright, now let's look to the weekend. First up, on Friday night we’ve got DJ Yuri C at The Snow Barn along with Open Mic Night . Speaking of The Snow Barn, did you know they have half-price pizza on Thursday nights? I discovered this recently and it’s been a game changer.

Then on Saturday, Mount Snow plays host to the Samuel Adams Air & Après tour. This nighttime showcase combines the thrill and technical skill of some of the best skiers and riders in the sport, alongside cutting-edge 3D projection mapping. While I could go on, this is really one of those events that needs to be seen to be believed, so head over to our events page and watch the video from last year . The event starts around 6pm at The Sundance Lodge, with the after party going down across the street at The Snow Barn with DJ Logic .

Now that The Olympics are over, we can get down to deciding who is truly the ultimate winter athlete in the world, with our Jack Jump World Championships this Sunday. This event pits racers head to head on a slalom course on Charlie’s Chase where they must rely on a combination of homemade Jack Jump design ingenuity, raw talent, and a total lack of fear. This is another event that really needs to be seen to be believed, but I liken it to a Nascar race. While people say they are watching it for the racing, we all know they’re mainly there to see the crashes!

As for Friday’s storm, we’ve seen predictions ranging everywhere from 3”- 8” so this is really just one of those “wait and see” type of storms. I know I for one will be breaking out the big planks on Friday and doing an extra snowdance or two before bed on Thursday night. Think Snow!

Well, I’m off to catch the corn snow cycle on this glorious Spring-like day. See you out there!



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