Mount Snow Minute #6: NYE and Fresh Snow

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wow, that was a fun storm.

We must have been on the nice list this year, because we all awoke on Christmas to 4” of fresh snow, which quickly turned into 11” by the afternoon and made for some storm skiing that won’t soon be forgotten. You know that amazing feeling of coming back to the run you just took, to find that the tracks have already been filled in? Yeah, it was that good!

With all this new snow, Ma’ Nature gave our snowmaking teams a helping hand to push us to 100% open, after the guys on the crew had actually run out of trails to make snow on. Sounds like it’s time to expand our snowmaking trails this summer! Added to the lineup were such favorites as Overbrook, Rusty Nail, Iron Run, Cut-Off, Pat's Pitch, Under Pressure, Sap Bucket, Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Moonbeam, Shooting Star and One Small Step! I for one took advantage of the new snow to take my first run of the season down Ripcord, and was pleasantly surprised by just how soft the sides were, the middle on the other hand…a bit sporty.

Looking out on the week, you’re going to want to grab an extra layer or two, because we’ve got some seriously cold weather coming in over the next few days. While this may send some scrambling for the hot tub, I’m reminded by the old saying, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad dressers.” I know that I for one will be taking advantage of how the cold weather will help to keep those powder stashes in the glades nice and light, so if you see me dip into the trees, you may want to follow.

Speaking of snow, it looks like we’re going to be able to squeeze in one more powder dump in 2017 with this storm coming in on Saturday. Right now it’s looking like 4”, but if it trends like the last few storms, it’s going to end up dropping more than predicted. This week might also be the time to burn a pair of skis or two and pour out some schnapps in a sacrifice to Ullr to be sure we’re headed for a powdery 2018.

Headed into the weekend, New Year’s Eve is going to be one to remember, as we’ve got a slew of events, from our Torchlight Parade and Fireworks , to parties at The Snow Barn and The Grand Summit Hotel . There’s really too many to name them all here, so best to check out our full listing of events.

See you all on the slopes!



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