Mount Snow Minute #20: Minus Zero Festival

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The weekend we've been talking about all season is finally here!

The event we’ve been talking about all year is finally here. Crews have been busy setting up all week, as we prepare to welcome thousands of festivalgoers to Minus Zero Festival, for three days of music, art, and of course snow! If you’ve been waiting to buy your tickets, now is the time, as we still have limited one-day, weekend, and VIP tickets and packages still available at We've also just released some additional rooms in our Grand Summit Hotel, so if you want to stay right where all the action is, you're in luck!

For those of you seasoned Mount Snow veterans, we encourage you to welcome our new guests – most of which will be here on their first visit ever to the area  with open arms. With this being a new festival for us as well, we know you all will have questions, so we’ve created a FAQ blog post to address what we believe the majority of your questions might be. That being said, if you still have any after reading the post, just comment below and we’ll respond with an answer.

Now on to the festival itself! Minus Zero Festival kicks off Friday evening with DJs taking the stage at 5 pm in the Main Base Area, followed by late night snows at Cuzzins, The Snow Barn, and The Bluebird Barn starting at 11 pm and running until 2 am. Then on Saturday, the music kicks off at noon and continues throughout the day, which late night shows again at those three venues. While you don’t need a ticket to enjoy the music during the day, you will need a ticket to be in the base area after 4 pm (more on that at our FAQ blog). Then on Sunday, we’ve got a sunrise show starting at 6 am at The Bullwheel, which can be accessed using The Grand Summit Express starting at 5:30 am. We know it might be enticing to ski through the sunrise, but please leave your skis and boards at home, as this show and lift access is only for festival attendees who are on foot! The music then runs through the day and into the night, when we close out the festival with a fireworks display at 11 pm on Sunday.

Speaking of this weekend, looking at the forecast we have the potential to pick up 5-8” of snow on Friday, and no this isn’t a late April Fool’s Joke. With all this snow, I’m sure you’re all wondering when we’re going to be staying open until. Right now, we don’t have a firm closing date in mind for this season as we still have a ton of snow, so we’re going to wait and see what the next week or so brings weather-wise. That being said, we’re open at least through April 15th and will be sure to update you with a firm closing date once we have one.

Another thing slated to close in April is the window to save the most on your 2018/19 Peak Passes and the opportunity to take advantage of our great payment plan program. So, if you like saving money – and I believe we all do – then I’d encourage you to head over to today and lock in your passes for next season at the best possible rate!

See you on the mountain, and around the festival!









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