Mount Snow Minute #1: Updates and Expanded Terrain

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Updates and terrain expansion for the weekend.

Good Morning from Mount Snow! This weekend we have trails opening left and right, as well as a brand new lift making its debut! The Grommet lift, over in Carinthia, began running this morning for skiers and riders for the first time ever.

Today we've opened 6 new trails for the season with nearly 50 additional acres to explore. This expansion brings us up to 25 trails and 9 lifts for a grand total of 177 acres of skiing and riding. Trails added today include favorites such as  Lodge, Lower Exhibition, Charlie’s Chase, Drifter, and while the Sundance Lodge may not open until December 17, the Tumbleweed lift and Cooper’s Junction also opened today.

And don’t forget about Inferno and Nitro over in Carinthia. Today is a great day to enjoy these trails before they start their park builds for the season. While Inferno is groomed and prime for top-to-bottom carving laps, right now Nitro is recommended for advanced skiers and riders who love to play around on large snowmaking whales. 

I could go on, but I'll let Kelsey take it from here. 



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