Mount Snow Minute #1: Snowmaking and Expansion

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Can you believe it’s only the middle of November?

It’s really amazing how far it seems as though we are into the ski season, and yet it’s only November 15 th ! Despite what the calendar says, the mountain is looking more and more like mid-winter, as the snowmakers have been hitting things hard on new trails such as Long John, Ridge, Deer Run, Beaver Hill, Lodge, Lodge, Lower Exhibition and The Gulch, all of which we plan to open with on Saturday at 9:00 a.m.

Speaking of The Gulch, Benny and the Carinthia Diggers have been hard at work over the past two days and we’re looking to open Saturday morning with a top-to-bottom park featuring at least one jump, making Carinthia the only place in The East with a kicker!

While we’re on the topic of Carinthia, I’m sure you’re all wondering what is going on over at the Carinthia Lodge. While the project is progressing nicely, we will not have it open for this weekend, so if you’re looking for skier services like ticketing, season passes, food, bathrooms, etc. please head over the Main Base Area. As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday we are planning on opening the bottom floor of the Carinthia Base Lodge, which is where all of our skier services are located, and then opening the top two floors as we head into December. More on that to come.

The run-up to Thanksgiving will also feature another major snowmaking window as we’ve seen on the past few days, which paired with the 7-12” of natural snow we have forecasted to fall on Thursday night sets us up nicely for another period of expansion headed into Thanksgiving. We will also see the start of midweek operations here at the mountain, which is slated to begin on Wednesday, November 21 st .

It’s an exciting time here at the mountain as ropes start to drop on some of our favorite trails, so keep doing those snow dances, and thank a snowmaker when you see them!



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