Minus Zero: An FAQ

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wondering about Minus Zero Festival? We've created this helpful FAQ to help answer some of the questions you might have.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the upcoming Minus Zero Festival that we’ll be hosting here at Mount Snow on April 6-8. With a festival of such magnitude coming to Mount Snow, there will be some changes to normal operations during these three days, and so we wanted to take this time to spell out what people can expect over that weekend. In order to do so we’ve created this FAQ-style blog to address some of the most common questions we anticipate people will be asking. Think we missed one? Comment below with your questions and we’ll answer them in the comments.  


Q: Will my Peak Pass work as a Minus Zero Festival Pass?

A: While your Peak Pass will give you access to the slopes, as usual, you’ll need a festival pass to access Minus Zero Festival events and shows.


Q: Can I still ski/ride if I’m not attending the festival?

A: Absolutely! The festival and skiing operations will run independently of each other.


Q: What impact will this festival have on normal skiing operations?

A: The impacts will be minimal. The biggest change is that The Grand Summit Express will be open for foot traffic only on Friday-Sunday for ticketed festival guests, and will not be open to skiers or riders. In addition, the bottom of Exhibition will have a closed off area for a small terrain park for the Minus Zero Rail Jam. There will also be some venue fencing on the bottom of this trail, but you will still be able to access to The Bluebird Express via a designated ski-through area. As for lifts, The Bluebird Express will run as normal from 9am-4pm on Friday and 8am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday, along with Canyon, Discovery, Nitro Express, Challenger, and Beartrap. Lessons will be available, but are limited to walk-up privates only out of The Clocktower Building.


Q: What’s the best way to avoid the festival crowds?

A: Park over at the Carinthia Base Area and start and end your day from the Carinthia Lodge. This will allow you the easiest access to the slopes, as the Main Base Area will see an influx of parking from festival attendees.  


Q: Will Base Area and Main Base Lodge amenities be affected?

A: The Main Base Lodge will operate as it would on any other day during April, up until 4 pm, when it will begin the changeover process for festival operations.  The Discovery Building, on the other hand, will be closed to the public and will be used for festival operations.


Q: But what about Après?

A: We will not be providing any après activities or outlets for non-festival attendees Friday-Sunday, and our bars such as The Station Tap Room, Cuzzins, Canned will only be open and accessible for Minus Zero Festival attendees only after 4 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you're not attending the festival, we recommend heading into town and supporting one of our local establishments in the valley.


Q: Can I attend the afterparties without attending the festival? 

A: Access to the afterparties at Cuzzins, The Bluebird Barn, and The Snow Barn require a Minus Zero Festival pass.


Q: Will there still be a bag check?

A: Bag check will be available for $10, or free with a ski ticket or season pass.  Bags should be picked up by 4:00 pm as we will begin clearing the Main Base Lodge & Main St areas at that time


Q: What’s the deal with parking?

A: The best option for parking and skiing as normal will be by accessing the mountain via the Carinthia Base Area. We will be seeing a large influx of festival attendees that will take up a large amount of the parking in the main base area. That said, we plan to operate all lots as we would on a typical day.  Please note that there will not be any shuttles running from parking lots after April 1.


Q: If I'm skiing with kids/family will I still be able to use The Drop Zone? 

A: We will be setting up a temporary drop zone in Lot B, as the normal Drop Zone area will be used for festival operations. Families dropping off children at daycare will park in Lot B and walk in from there. 


Q: Will there still be preferred parking?

A: Preferred parking will be offered in A-Lot for $40 for the weekend if purchased in advance at minuszerofestival.com. Day-of rates will be $40. Mount Snow preferred parking passes will still be honored as unusual, up until 2 pm on Friday-Sunday. 


Q:  Will the Moover be running?

A:  The last day of the Moover’s winter operating schedule, is this Sunday, April 1.  However, due to support from the Town of Dover, they will run additional #1 & #7 buses on the weekend of Minus Zero:

  • On Friday, April 6, the Route 100 MOOver will depart Wilmington for Mount Snow every 60 minutes from 7:00 am-3:00 pm and will depart Mount Snow for Wilmington 30 minutes later. It will depart Wilmington for Mount Snow every 30 minutes from 3:00-10:00 pm, again departing Mount Snow for Wilmington 30 minutes later.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, April 7-8, the MOOver will depart Wilmington for Mount Snow every 60 minutes from 7:00 am-12:00 pm and will depart Mount Snow for Wilmington 30 minutes later. It will depart Wilmington for Mount Snow every 30 minutes from 12:30-10:00 pm, again departing Mount Snow for Wilmington 30 minutes later.
  • The #1 Mount Snow Route will operate Friday from 3:00-11:00 pm; Saturday from 10 am-11:00 pm; and Sunday from 10 am-8:00 pm. The bus leaves the Main Base Lodge every 30 minutes.


Q: Where can I eat?

A: While lifts are spinning, food and beverage outlets will operate as normal for late season. That being said, at 4 pm locations such as Cuzzins, The Station Tap Room, and Canned, will convert into festival locations and will be open only for Minus Zero Festival ticketed guests. Tony’s Pizza, The Waffle Cabin, and Vermont Country Deli will be operating on modified schedules of 3 pm-11 pm. The Bullwheel will run as it normally would, with the addition of DJs from 10am-3: 30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. These shows at the summit are open to the public, with the exception of the 6 am Sunrise Session on Sunday morning which is for Minus Zero Festival guests only.


Q: Do you offer a discount for Peak Passholders?

A: While your Peak Pass entitles you to great discounts every day around the resort, it does not offer any discount towards festival weekend passes or day-tickets for Minus Zero Festival. 


Q: Can I bring my children into the festival?

A: Minus Zero Festival is strictly an 18+ event. You are welcome to take your kids skiing and riding during the day as the mountain will be open and operating as it would any other spring weekend, but please leave them at home for the evening shows after 4 pm. 


Q: Can I just stay in the venue after 4 pm and watch the shows? 

A: At 4 pm we will be closing the gates to our Main Base Area and will only allow those with a Minus Zero Festival wristbands to remain for the evening/night shows. 


Q: When are the fireworks? 

A: There will be fireworks at 11 pm on Sunday to cap off the festival. 


Q: Is there camping/overnight parking in the lots? 

A: As with any other night, camping is not permitted in any of our parking lots. 


Q: Will there be shows at The Carinthia Base Area? 

A: No, there will be no Minus Zero Festival activity at The Carinthia Base Area. 


Q: Where can I find the afterparties? 

A: Afterparties will be held at The Snow Barn, The Bluebird Barn, and Cuzzins from 11 pm- 2 am. 


Q: How do I access the Sunrise Session on Sunday? 

A: The Grand Summit Express lift will open at 5:30am for festival attendees to access the summit for the 6am show. 


Q: When does the box office close? 

A: The box office will be open until 10 pm. 


Q: How late can I get into the festival? 

A: You can enter the festival for the first time up until 10 pm, but there is no reentery after 8 pm. 


Q: When does reentry end? 

A: There is no reentry after 8 pm. 


Did we miss something? Comment below with your questions and we'll add them to the list. 

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