We Love Snow: Cleon

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

“I think I’m not the best, but pretty hard to beat when it comes to grooming.” – Cleon

When the lifts finish spinning for the day, and the sun goes down, Cleon Boyd, and the crew of third-shift groomers fire up their snowcats and head up the mountain to lay down that perfect corduroy. While grooming happens all over the country each night of the winter, it’s the hard work and level of pride in their job that had Mount Snow named #1 Grooming in the East by the readers and editors of Ski Magazine.

Cleon comes by this lifestyle honestly, in fact, you could say it is in his blood. Raised on a nearby farm in Southern Vermont, his father was one of the first groomers at the mountain in the ‘50s. It was there, while riding along in the groomer with his dad, that he first fell in love with grooming.

Now in his 42nd year, he’s seen a lot of changes at the mountain: advances in grooming technology, expansion in the number of trails groomed each and every night, and even the rise of terrain parks. But over the years, his love of snow, love of the job, and the pride that comes after a long night of work on the mountain hasn’t changed a bit. 

The privilege of night-shift grooming isn’t lost on Cleon. It’s an incredible feeling to be alone in nature with the moon high above, knowing that there’s a valley full of people down below who will never get the chance to experience the incredible sights and sounds. It’s that feeling when he steps out of his cat on the summit in the early hours of the morning to take in an unspoiled view of the moon, stars, and occasional aurora borealis that really can’t be beaten.

Check out this episode to learn about how the love of snow doesn’t have to come just from skiing and riding. Be sure to thank a groomer this season, and then stay tuned for another new episode coming out next week.

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