Carinthia Base Lodge: July Construction Update

Thursday, July 26, 2018

While summer for most means kicking back and relaxing, here at Mount Snow it’s been full speed ahead on our Carinthia Base Lodge. With all the work going on over there, we wanted to let you in on the progress and some of the highlights of the new lodge.

First, let’s compare the two.

Old Carinthia Lodge                        New Carinthia Lodge

Built in 1961                                       Built in 2018

Two Floors                                          Three Floors

8,320sq/ft                                           42,000sq/ft  

249 seats                                            626 seats

Zero Restaurants                               One Restaurant

Zero Bars                                            Two Bars

Small Cafeteria                                    Large Multi-Station Cafeteria

No Rentals                                           New Rental Shop

Small Retail Store                                Full-Size Mount Snow Sports                      

13 Toilets                                             55 Toilets!

As it’s easy to see, the new Carinthia Base Lodge is a massive upgrade from the old lodge it is replacing. And while it might be a bit bittersweet to watch the old lodge, where we all made so many great memories, being torn down, this is a great day for Carinthia and one that has been long overdue.

Speaking of the old lodge, there have been a ton of questions about what we’re doing with the space where the old building stood. That is going to be a new preferred parking area, which will offer the closest parking to a lift anywhere at Mount Snow. So, be sure to get you preferred parking pass ready for opening day!

Now back to the new lodge. At this point, we’re still right on track to welcome you all on the first day of the 2018/19 season in early November. In talking with the snowmakers, they learned a lot last year about running this new system and are eager to put these lessons to work. Once we get the temperatures, they are ready to come out swinging with the most powerful snowmaking system in the Northeast, to open trails faster than you’ve ever seen before. All we need now is for Mother Nature to cooperate a bit.

While we wait for that day, Scott Dupuis our general contractor from Dupuis Construction, along with more than 30 other crews from various trades, have been hard at work readying the building for opening day. Right now we’re making great progress with the drywall, as well as finalizing the installation of the windows. This includes the two massive folding slope-side glass doors that will let the lodge open up on warmer spring days and take advantage of the 9,000 sq/ft heated deck, perfect for spring après with friends.

Meanwhile, Michael Giorgio, our head of food and beverage, has been crafting the menus for the new restaurants and bars this lodge will feature. That’s right, we’re finally going to have the après spot at Carinthia that you’ve always wanted! These will include a new sit-down restaurant and bar on the third floor, as well as the coffee bar/lounge on the second floor, and a massive new multi-station cafeteria, which will offer exciting new options to fuel you up for a day on the slopes. We’re not going to go too far into detail here, as we’ll be sitting down with him later this summer to talk through his vision for these amazing new eateries and après spots but suffice to say, you’re going to be impressed!

Meanwhile, on the first floor, the crews are working away on the new Mount Snow Sports at Carinthia, which will feature everything you need to get out on the slopes, including rentals, tuning, hard and soft goods, and more. In addition, you’ll be able to book private lessons, and meet instructors right at the lodge, stash your bags in the complimentary bag check, and take advantage of a large changing and locker area for getting booted up and ready to go.

I’ll let Kelsey take it from here, but be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for upcoming tours of the new lodge, as well as updates throughout the final phases of construction. 

Plimpton Excavating making short work of the old Carinthia Lodge. 

While this may be bittersweet for some to see, we're headed towards a brighter future. 

Work progressing nicely at the new Carinthia Base Lodge. 



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