Carinthia Base Lodge: Q&A

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

We take a moment to answer the questions you all submitted about our new Carinthia Base Lodge.

At the end of our last update, Kelsey put out the call for any questions you all had about our new Carinthia Base Lodge. While she touched on some of them in this week’s update, we couldn’t fit them all into one video, so we wanted to use this blog to address some of the ones that didn’t make the cut.


Q: Will the base lodge be ready for the start of the 2018/19 skiing and riding season?

A: Absolutely! Work is progressing right on schedule for a planned opening at the start of our season in November. Now it’s just up to Mother Nature to bring us the temperatures we need to fire up the most powerful snowmaking system in the Northeast.


Q: Will the main focus of après shift from the current main base lodge to the new Carinthia lodge, or will it have it's own distinct scene?

A: The new base lodge will be its own new distinct après scene. While we’re looking forward to hosting bands over there and taking advantage of finally having bars and a sit-down restaurant at Carinthia, Bruce will still be in residency over in Cuzzins, and The Station Taproom and Canned will continue to be your top destinations for craft après brews.


Q: What’s the deal with parking?

A: We know this new lodge is going to be popular, and so we’ll be upgrading the parking at Carinthia over the next few seasons. This year, we’ll be rearranging the entrance road to help with traffic flow, and will be adding up to 80 new preferred parking spots on the site of the former base lodge. So, be sure to pick up your parking passes, as these will be the closest parking to a lift of anywhere on the mountain.


Q: Will this lodge only be open in the winter?

A: While we plan on using the lodge mainly in the winter for our guests, it is being designed as a year-round venue, perfect for weddings, conferences, or family reunions.


Q: What steps is the mountain taking to handle the additional guests who will be using this lodge?

A: Right off the bat we’ll be deploying better lift line management practices for Nitro Express, which will allow us to get more people out of the base area and back on the hill. In the future, we are looking into options to potentially add additional chairs to Nitro Express in order to increase its uphill capacity.


Q: Will there still be a Waffle Cabin?

A: Yes, Waffle Cabin will be back in all of its sugary glory this winter at its new location over by the Heavy Metal lift.


Q: What’s the best way to get down to the new lodge and avoid the terrain features?

A: We’d recommending using Fools Gold, or skiers left on Nitro where we keep an open path for skiers and riders who are not looking to use the features. While you’re cruising through the park, please respect the athletes and the work they are putting in on our terrain features and stay out of the takeoff and landing zones if you are not actively hitting the features.


Q: Will there be a bar?

A: Yes. In fact, we’ll have two of them!


Q: Will there be better food options?

A: Yes. The new Carinthia Base Lodge will feature a sit-down restaurant, as well as a great new multi-station cafeteria. More on these soon!


Q: Will the new lodge have a snowboard shop?

A: The new lodge will feature Mount Snow Sports at Carinthia, which will offer everything skiers and riders need to get out on the slope as well as limited edition hard goods.


Q: Will the new lodge have a mini ramp like the old lodge did?

A: No, this new lodge will not have a mini ramp, but we are currently working with the Town of Dover to find a place to build a permanent skate park.


Anything we missed? Comment below with your questions.

See you in November!




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