Carinthia Base Lodge: Early August Construction Update

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

It’s really amazing what can happen in two weeks.


Kelsey is back with another progress update on our brand new Carinthia Base Lodge. Since our last post, the crews have been hard at work as we draw ever closer to the start of snowmaking operations in November and the grand opening of the new building.

Work at the site has been continuing indoors at a flurried pace, which saw our contractors almost completely finish with all the drywall work. Outdoors the building is starting to look more and more like a finished lodge, as windows are being installed and the glass has gone into the massive folding doors that will open to connect the second floor to the slopeside deck on warm spring days.

This new deck is going to be the perfect spot to hit up for après celebration, especially now that the Carinthia Base Area will finally have that bar – well, actually two bars – that you’ve all been asking for over the years. We know you’d like to know more details on these and what they will serve, so we’ll be covering all of that in an upcoming blog post. Until then, we can’t wait to see you all out there to help us celebrate the 10 th year anniversary of Carinthia becoming and all-terrain-park mountain face.

As for the large folding doors, they are made entirely out of windows in order to deliver an amazing view of the slopes when closed and are located right in the center of the main floor, with a large fireplace separating the two of them. While the view will be nice, these doors will really shine when we open them up on warm afternoons, allowing our guests to kick back, soak up and sun, and enjoy live music out on the beck. Speaking of the deck, did you know that it’s actually larger than the entire old lodge?

With work progressing so quickly, we don’t want you to miss out on a single thing, so if there’s a specific part you want to learn more about, or if you just have a question about the lodge, comment below and we’ll have Kelsey answer them in our next video!



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