5 Inches? We'll Take It!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Well, in what seems to be turning into a weekly tradition, the midweek storm that was originally forecasted to come in as an inch or more of rain, has instead bestowed upon us 5” of snow.

While it’s not the lightest consistency, it’s the kind of snow that coats the bases of the natural trails and gladed areas, and sets up us for a great rest of the season.

So, what’s the plan going to be for the day? Well, it looks like Ego is going to be the call first thing, as some of our other lifts are looking like they may be on hold for a bit. After that, I’m thinking get to the top as fast as possible, head over and hit Ripcord, Plummet, and Olympic in that order (maybe two laps on Olympic). Then, heading to Carinthia because nobody thinks Carinthia when there’s new snow.

While the forecast for tomorrow is looking less than ideal, we’re right back into snow for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


A few shots from earlier this morning: 


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