Mount Snow

We Love Snow: Randy

"Everybody says that snowmaking has kept me young...younger." - Randy "RFB" Barrows

We Love Snow: Cleon

“I think I’m not the best, but pretty hard to beat when it comes to grooming.” – Cleon

We Love Snow: Tera Adams

“Nothing is impossible. So don’t ever set a limit for yourself or for somebody else.” -Tera

We're Making Snow!

That's right, the 2018/19 snowmaking season has begun!

Mount Snow Oktoberfest: FAQ

That special celebration when we say “auf wiedersehen” to summer and “guten tag” to winter.

Carinthia Base Lodge: Q&A

We take a moment to answer the questions you all submitted about our new Carinthia Base Lodge.

24th Annual Brewers Fest: FAQ

Our favorite party of the summer is right around the corner, so we wanted to take a moment to answer any questions you might have.

Carinthia Base Lodge: July Construction Update

While summer for most means kicking back and relaxing, here at Mount Snow it’s been full speed ahead on our Carinthia Base Lodge. With all the work going on over there, we wanted to let you in on the progress and some of the highlights of the new lodge.

Q&A with Tera Adams of Adaptive Sports at Mount Snow

With all the great work they do here at Mount Snow, we decided to sit down with Tera Adams, the director of Adaptive Sports at Mount Snow, to learn more about this organization and the important work they do on and off the mountain.

Rock the Roots: An FAQ

With the Angry Orchard: Rock the Roots Tour just around the corner, we wanted to put together FAQ for all of you who may be new to Mount Snow or might be new to our festivals.
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