Tough Mudder Pics

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What a gorgeous day at Mount Snow!  There is a nice breeze to kicking up and there are Mudders everywhere!  I was able to get out on the course for a little while.  Here are the highlights.  I hope you can make it up tomorrow when we will do it all over again.

 First climb of the day up Canyon.

Based on the folks I saw, this shirt may be a bit of an understatement.

 When I saw Randy pre-event I told him he was nuts!  At Hold Your Wood I caught up with Randy and he agreed - he's nuts!  I did see him later on the course and he was doing fine.

Nothing to do with Tough Mudder but when I went past Ego Alley I had suddenly wanted to be on skis.

Running down the work road is not easy - I saw some nasty spills - but these Mudders were tough and kept going!

This looks like team Dos Equis - wonder what they're thinking?  Mmmmm - beer!

Walk the Plank.  In May this obstacle was about 40 degrees.  Today it is pure relief from the summer heat.

Taking a breather at one of the water stations.

I love this new obstacle at Carinthia - it is The Ringer.  Even spectators get wet at this one!

Thanks to a car battery you get shocked by those little wires dangling down - folks moved very fast through Electric Eel!

Dong Dangler - not many make it all the way across in this fashion.  This is HARD!

This one's for you mom - I know how much you love snakes!!

Captain America?  It's gonna hurt if (when) you fall!  This was the hardest part of the course for me to negotiate down - very steep.

These folks were cruising down the steep and made it with no falls.

This Mudder is not going up, he's going down....backwards.  Do what you gotta do but keep going.

Excuse me.  Excuse me!  Ummm, this is my pond.

This is my favorite "spectator" t-shirt.  Jillian, from MA, was nice enough to let me include her pic in my blog.

Post-event celebration for these Tough Mudders on the Cuzzin's rock.

Rock those orang headbands - you earned them!  Great job to all of our Saturday Mudders.

Sunday started out hot but then cloud

cover came in during the late am to give our Mudders a little relief.  Sunday was a smaller field but these Mudders were strong and enthusiastic.  I was out looking for some Mount Snow staffers and a group from our sister resort at JFBB.  But I was unable to find any of them on course, despite criss crossing all over.

Tom was busy at Walk the Plank setting out signage and then he was able to get in a morning swim before the 1st Mudder arrived. 


At Electric Eel I see Christian who is on his 2nd Mount Snow Mudder.  He was thumbs up even though he was about to be shocked and muddied.

This pic is rated PG.  This team painted themselves blue but the paint was not holding up to the pressure and they were peeling like onions.  And their tighty whities were looking a little gray and droopy.  Wardrobe malfunctions aside, they were up and over the Spider Web like Spidey himself.


Green socks negotiated Tired Yet with ease.

I stopped by Firewalker to wish our local Fire Chief, Rich, a Happy Birthday.  Mudders were still going strong with the taste of the finish line (and smoke) on their lips.

Twinkle Toes.  Do you think he fell or made it?  Yup, he made it - great recovery!

Thanks Thorin for snapping a shot of the elusive J Boyd at Walk the Plank - nice jack knife.

Instead of just throwing their sneakers away, Mudders donate them - the pile was growing and already bagged up.  Thanks Tough Mudders!

Mount Snow staffer, Michael, finished with his personal best of 2:45.  What a beast!  Or is he just a big teddy bear?

Meeker and James were out helping on Main St.  I can never thank my staff enough.  Talk about Tough Mudders - Mount Snow staff never whine - right?!?!

I finally found Brian (another Mount Snow staffer) showering away the days mud.  He and his brother and a group from Burlington conquered the course and are still smiling!  Thanks to all of the Mudders who came to Mount Snow.  Our welcome mat is always out for you.  And thank you to the Tough Mudder and Mount Snow staff and vollies who worked their tails off and served up another fun weekend at Mount Snow.

Even an average Joe can be a Mudder in training.  Start now so you can earn your mohawk and orange headband next year at Mount Snow!
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